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Moodle LogoMoodle is the University's secure online learning environment for supporting learning, teaching and assessment. Moodle provides a range of tools to support the delivery of learning materials, assessing students, collaborative activities, and communication. Login to Moodle at http://moodle.napier.ac.uk/  

Who do I need to contact?

  • To request access to a module, contact your School Office.
  • For practical support with using Moodle contact your Learning Technologist: 

                Ruth Johnstone, Merchiston C74, x2409

                Anne Jamie, Sighthill 2.B.19, x2465

                Ian Hesketh, Craiglockhart 1/53, x4464

  • For advice on copyright issues and the use of third party materials in Moodle, contact your Subject Librarian.
  • For technical problems or password issues, contact the IT Support Desk: Tel: +44 (0)131 455 3000; Email:  itsupport@napier.ac.uk.

Other Moodle servers


There is a Moodle Training server available for all staff to create test or development courses, and you can invite your colleagues to edit or view them.

There is a Moodle Community server is available for externally facing courses and staff development courses.

Further information

Visit the Moodle Updates page to keep up to date with the latest developments with the University Moodle service.


Log in to Moodle to view the Moodle Privacy Information.


What happened to WebCT modules?


Access to WebCT closed on October 26th 2012 and a WebCT Archive server is available for accessing module content which has been automatically migrated from WebCT to Moodle:

  1. Go to the WebCT Archive server.
  2. Login with your university ID and password and you will have access to modules previously available in WebCT.

Please be aware that migrated module content may be formatted and ordered differently compared to WebCT, or may be incomplete. Therefore the WebCT Archive is offered on an 'as-is' basis for reference only, and that users should not upload materials or participate in any module activities that may still be available on the WebCT Archive.
Please note that any changes made in WebCT after June 7th 2012 have not been migrated to the archive. A set of frequently asked questions are available from the WebCT Archive home page.

Moodle Help 


To access staff help within Moodle:

  1. Go to:  https://moodle.napier.ac.uk.
  2. Click Staff Links and select Moodle Help:

Accessing staff help within Moodle. 



To access student help within Moodle:

  1. Go to:  https://moodle.napier.ac.uk.
  2. Click Student Help:

Accessing Student Help. 

Further Moodle Frequently Asked Questions can be found on myNapier.