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Student Portal


Accessing the Student Portal


Students and Staff access by visiting:  https://studentportal.napier.ac.uk/


When you are prompted to log in enter your Edinburgh Napier University username/login ID or Matriculation Number (students). Enter your password in the field provided and click OK.


If you have any problems please contact the IT Support Desk:

Email: itsupport@napier.ac.uk

Telephone: ext 3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line.


About the Student Portal


It provides students with the web based resources they need to study at Edinburgh Napier University.  As well as providing easy and secure access to University services and information it includes a powerful search facility, news, events and announcements. 


It enables students to: 

  • View University and School announcements and other important information.
  • Single Sign On to many of the University's systems and resources including Moodle, Email and Nimweb
  • Upload documents and files
  •  Personalise their own websites (My Site).


Portal Announcements


Certain members of staff (e.g. Course Leaders) have rights to add announcements to the Student Portal.  You can target your announcement to the whole student body, a particular faculty, a particular school or a particular co-hort. 


If you don't already have access to add announcements and you need to be able to add announcements you should contact the IT Support Desk:

Email: itsupport@napier.ac.uk

Telephone: ext 3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line.


Instructions for adding an announcement for all students can be found below:

  How to add a University announcement


Instructions on how to add cohort announcements can be found in the Course Site Administration Pack.  Please note: if you are accessing this out with the University then you will need to log in using your University login ID and password. 



Known Issue with Google Chrome


There is a known issue accessing the Student Portal using the Google Chrome browser.  When attempting to log in via the login page there is no response when clicking on the Continue button.


To resolve the issue you can enter "napier-mail\" before your matriculation number or login ID, in the format "napier-mail\01234567".  Alternatively you can use Internet Explorer for access.