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Below are the contact details of the people in the Marketing and Communications Team. Feel free to give one of us a call to discuss your request. If you are not sure who to speak to email marketing@napier.ac.uk.


Depending on your query we may ask you to fill in a Marketing and Communications Service Request form and send it to marketing@napier.ac.uk. This is more likely if we need a lot of information or if the request impacts more than a couple of activities or people.


Assistant Director (Marketing, Brand and Communications)


Barbara Iwinska, Assistant Director (Marketing, Brand and Communications)

Barbara manages the Marketing, Brand and Communications team which provides the following services to the University: marketing, media relations, graphic design, web and digital media, publications, internal communications and photography. Key areas of work are undergraduate and postgraduate marketing campaigns; B2B; corporate communications; and international marketing. Her contact details are: b.iwinska@napier.ac.uk, ext 6312.



Corporate Communications


Patrick McFall, Head of Corporate Communications

Patrick has over 15 years experience in journalism & PR. His team's remit includes pro-active and reactive media relations, internal communications and social media. His contact details are: P.McFall@napier.ac.uk, ext 6314. 


Amal Palin, Interim Senior Communications Officer

Amal is responsible for internal communications, including Staff Intranet, email communications, digital signage and campus branding.

Email a.palin@napier.ac.uk or ext 6402.


Jack Mathieson, Media and Communications Officer

Ex-Edinburgh Evening News and Daily Record journalist, Jack can spot a good media story a mile off and will help you get some well deserved media coverage for your research, successful student stories and other initiatives.

j.mathieson@napier.ac.uk ext 6251.


Ross Burns, Senior Content and Publications Officer

Ross is responsible for project managing the production of Edinburgh Napier's corporate publications, online and offline, and the in-house Graphic/Digital Designers.  Key publications include the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses. His contact details are: R.Burns@napier.ac.uk, ext 6018.


Laurie Jones, Online Content Co-ordinator

Laurie edits and maintains the webpages of the Edinburgh Napier website and looks after content on the University's main social media channels, primarily Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She also co-ordinates updates of course information on key third-party directories such as StudyPortals. If you have something of interest for social media let Laurie know. Email l.jones@napier.ac.uk or ext 3616.




Carolyn Bowick, Head of Marketing

Carolyn is tasked with managing effective and impactful marketing campaigns which aim to drive brand awareness and student recruitment. This includes planning undergraduate, postgraduate and international marketing campaigns, managing the University’s external website, and overseeing the creation of the many on- and offline marketing materials developed by the marketing team.

Email c.bowick@napier.ac.uk or ext 5008.


Rachael Fraser, Marketing Officer

Rachael delivers many of the University's major marketing campaigns, including undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment campaigns.  Email r.fraser2@napier.ac.uk or ext 3327.


Andrew Sampson, Graphic/Digital Designer

Andrew works on a wide variety of the University's printed marketing materials from concept to print, liaising with approved suppliers to ensure each job follows brand guidelines and is produced to the highest possible standard to schedule and within budget. orks on a wide variety of the University's printed marketing materials from concept to print, liaising with approved suppliers to ensure each job follows brand guidelines and is produced to the highest possible standard to schedule and within budget. His contact details are: A.Sampson@napier.ac.uk, ext 5009.


Scott McNeil, Senior Web Officer

Scott manages the content for the University website and co-ordinates content development across the Edinburgh Napier University digital landscape.  Scott can be contacted on s.mcneil@napier.ac.uk or ext 5354.


James Anderson, Web Officer

James is responsible for updating the Edinburgh Napier website, training staff on the internet Content Management System, developing website templates and graphics and HTML emails. He can be contacted on J.Anderson@napier.ac.uk or ext 6486.


Amy Stewart

Amy is responsible for updating the Edinburgh Napier website. She can be contacted on a.stewart2@napier.ac.uk or ext 6493.


Allan Shedlock, Photographer

Allan works part-time Monday to Wednesday. Most of his photography work is shot digitally with image manipulation where required, to support his colleagues in producing marketing materials and for press/public relations. This service can be extended to the rest of the University as time allows, or you will be advised on external suppliers where necessary. His contact details are: A.Shedlock@napier.ac.uk, ext 6236.


Gillian Whisker, Photography Co-ordinator 

The University's photo asset library is managed by Gillian . She helps to organise photography shoots, and can give a whole range of photography advice including data protection. She has legally approved forms available on request. Contact Gillian on g.whisker@napier.ac.uk or ext 6236.


Malcolm Leitch, Multimedia Designer

Malcolm's role involves providing high-quality, on-brand films and multimedia for the University website, the intranet, multimedia presentations and video productions. If you are interested in employing an external agency for multimedia or film production, he can advise you on the best options for your requirements. His contact details are: M.Leitch@napier.ac.uk or ext 5019.