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Estate Strategy


This intranet page is where you can find the latest information on the Estate Strategy and the Estate Strategy Implementation Programme.


We are early days in formulating our plans and a range of approvals will be required from the University Leadership Team and the relevant committee of the University Court, but we will ensure that as wide a range of up-to-date information as possible is made available to students, staff and all other stakeholders.


You can download a copy of the Estate Strategy here


Campus Conversations


Dates for future Campus Conversations and meetings will be announced by email and will appear here.


Estate Strategy Development Feedback Presentation slides (featured at Campus Conversations sessions) here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We have prepared a series of frequently asked questions which may be of interest.  You can also email any additional questions you may have to estatestrategy@napier.ac.uk. Whilst we are unable to guarantee that we will respond to each email, we will use every bit of feedback to develop topics and/or themes that should be included in the evolving FAQs document. 


You can download FAQ Briefing document here


Subsequent updates based on Campus Conversations, meetings, emails and other feedback will appear here.  


Please make sure you take the opportunity to shape the development of your University. 


Kind regards


Eric Munro

Director of Property and Facilities