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Document & Print Services are located at Bankhead Workspace, Unit 4, 10 Bankhead Terrace, Sighthill.


Please click on the image for bus routes and walking information:-




Opening Hours 


Monday to Friday: 8.00am-4.00pm


Document & Print Services Supervisor

Avril McSorley, ext: 2486/2340 or a.mcsorley@napier.ac.uk


Document & Print Services Operator

David Johnston, ext: 2486/2340 or d.johnston@napier.ac.uk


Document & Print Services Operator

Elaine Anderson, ext: 2486/2340 or e.anderson@napier.ac.uk  


Document & Print Services Operator

Gavin Osborne, ext: 2468/2340 or g.osborne@napier.ac.uk


Document & Print Services Office

Ext: 2486/2340 or printservices2@napier.ac.uk