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Health and Wellbeing


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The health and well-being of all our staff and students is of the utmost importance to the University. This has been recognised through the achievement of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), RoSPA President's (12 consecutive Golds) Award for Occupational Health and Safety , and the Healthy Working Lives Gold Award for creating a healthy workplace.

Our Healthy Working Lives program underwent re- assessment in February 2012, and we are very pleased to have been awarded the Gold Award once again.  The submission, attached herewith, includes the Action Plan for 2012 - highlighting some exciting initiatives for both staff and students to be involved in. 

Healthy Working Lives frequently provides informative reading updates which can be viewed on their website.

Healthy Working Lives have launched a campaign encouraging women to 'Drop a Glass Size' in 2013. Please go to the Healthy Working Lives website for more information.

Healthy Working Lives - training courses 2016/2017



Everyone has a responsibility for their own health and well-being and for that of others around them. This section contains information relating to the ways the University supports its employees to achieve this. You will find information relating not only to the health & safety of your work environment, but also to the training and support services available and policies to help you maintain a balance in your work and home responsibilities.


There is a host of resources for information on your wellbeing, eating, exercise etc, for instance have a look through the NHS Live Well site to see what suits you.

The University has a number of people who can support both individuals and managers manage their health and well-being, including:

Occupational Health 
The Health, Safety & Wellbeing team
Workplace Options -employee assistance programme

Useful Links  


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