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Here you will find fortnightly progress updates and other project news so you can keep up-to-date with what's happening on the myTimetable Project. If you have any questions please contact the project on mytimetableproject@napier.ac.uk


1. Project Update - Trimester 2 timelines

myTimetable Project Update for Trimester 2

Trimester 2 Project Schedule
Thank you to all academic staff for supplying trimester 2 teaching information to the timetable team. This has allowed the timetable administrators to make progress with entering the data to ensure good data quality.
Scheduling of the trimester 2 timetable is now well underway and the draft module timetable will be available for academics to review the week commencing 20 November. 
The module timetable must be reviewed to check that teaching requests have been correctly allocated and to ensure good programme coherence.  The timetable team will require all feedback on the draft module timetable by close of business on 29 November.
The myTimetable team will release the module timetable to students the following week (w/c 5 December) dependent on academic feedback.  The team will then endeavour to release the individual timetables to students by the end of week 15. 
To summarise:
Module timetable available for checking
20 November
Module timetable feedback deadline
29 November
Module timetable released to students
w/c 5 December
Release of individual timetables for students
15 December (end of week 15)
Lessons Learned
Thank you to everyone for the feedback received regarding myTimetable in Trimester 1.  We are aware that colleagues have concerns about aspects of the project and a formal ‘lessons learned review’ is underway to ensure we deliver a better student experience in Trimester 2.  If you have any feedback or thoughts, please send them to myTimetableproject@napier.ac.uk
Student Communication
School specific communications will be sent to students this week to highlight the key dates in the trimester 2 schedule.  This will also be communicated via myNapier.  It would be helpful if these dates could be reiterated by academic colleagues in the classroom, to help ensure clear communications and manage expectations.
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