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Here you will find fortnightly progress updates and other project news so you can keep up-to-date with what's happening on the myTimetable Project. If you have any questions please contact the project on mytimetableproject@napier.ac.uk


1. myTimetable - Project Launch

The myTimetable project successfully launched on 4th September 2017 delivering individual timetables to Edinburgh campus based students for the first time.

·         We now have 10 000 students with timetables.  Which is fantastic news!

Remember many student timetables are still partial while the administrative task of allocating students to activities continues as our remaining 2000 students matriculate and choose their optional modules.  

· We have had approximately 48 change requests from students via the change request form. Only matriculated students can access the form.

An issue identified yesterday with some versions of internet explorer has been resolved
·The upgraded timetable web page for students and staff was deployed at the end of yesterday. Please use your ENU login and password to access.
o   Class lists are available (subject to change as students are allocated)
o   Staff can look up individual timetables for students
o   Students still only see module timetables, they should use iNapier for an individual timetable
·iNapier had an issue where the student was only seeing the first two or three weeks of term. This is due to the volume of data and IS has now deployed a resolution. It may take another few hours for the full timetable to feed through to the app.  
2. Project Update 22nd August
3. Project Update - 27th July
4. Project Update - 14th July
5.Project Update - 26th June
6. Project Update - 22nd June
7. Project Update - 18th May 2017
8. Project Update - 6th April 2017
9. Project Update - 9 March 2017
90. Project Update - 23 March 2017
91. Project Update - 23 February 2017
92. Project Update - 9 February 2017