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External Members & Visitors


In support of lifelong learning, we welcome members of the public either to visit or as paying members with borrowing rights. We also participate in borrowing schemes which allow staff and students from other institutions to use our libraries. See our Library services for external members​ helpsheet for detailed information.



Special membership categories 

Affiliate students, access students and FE staff teaching on affiliate programmes
SCONUL Access - staff and students from other Higher Education institutions
Edinburgh Library Passport


All other visitors 

We offer free study space and reference access to most of our collections for personal educational use.

Borrowing privileges are available through our External Membership scheme. If you would like to join, you will need to register and pay a subscription. Ask at any campus library.
Subscription costs:

  • One month £10
  • One year £40 

This entitles you to:

  • 5 loans only; no requests.
  • Reference only access to items with a '7 Day Book' label, as well as items in the journal, reference, music and DVD collections.
  • Items from the reserve collection are not available for consultation.
  • Charged document supply if articles (£10.70 per request) or books (£15.65 per request) are required from the British Library.


For information about free or discounted individual external memberships, see our Library services for external members helpsheet.  


Please note that we are unable to permit access to electronic databases or computer facilities.​


Our libraries are for study, and customer behaviour must reflect this and respect the needs of others. See Library Regulations. 


Edinburgh Napier University Libraries make every effort to maintain the services described, but there are occasions when this may not be possible due to circumstances beyond our control. Service to our University customers takes precedence at all times.

How to borrow

Take the items you want to borrow, and your membership card, to any Library Help Desk or self service machine. All loans will be recorded and the date label stamped, or receipt printed, with the date by which the item must be renewed or returned. 


Most of our book and other loans are now dynamic which means they will be automatically renewed up to a maximum of 4 months unless recalled (known as the Intelligent Loan​). If an item is requested by another user we will recall it by sending you an email asking you to return it within 7 days or by the due date if less than 7 days. 


You are responsible for all items issued on your card. Do not pass them on to other people or lend your card to others.  Please note: items may be recalled if required by another member.  

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