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​Assistant Principal, Organisational, Corporate & Partnership Development

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Iain McIntosh is currently Assistant Principal, Organisational, Corporate & Partnership Development at the University. In that context, he is particularly interested in leadership development and change, and in strengthening mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide range of organisations.

Previously Dean of the Faculty of Health, Life & Social Sciences, he retains an interest in the diverse disciplines which that included.

By profession, Iain is a nurse, with a background in intensive care nursing. His interests nowadays tend towards the experience of care in later life, and particularly the expression of compassion in healthcare. He is also concerned with professional regulation of nursing and the relationship of nursing with higher education.

Iain chaired the NMC Stakeholder Advisory Group which led to new standards for pre-registration nursing education effective from 2012. He continues to make a contribution to the future direction of nursing and nursing education through membership of the Lancet Commission on Nursing.

Iain is a member of the Board of Governors of West Lothian College.


All back issues of Iain's newsletters can be found on the Principal's Office SharePoint site.