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Funder Data Management Policies and Requirements


Many funding bodies now require data management plans to be submitted as part of grant applications, although the format and content of these plans can differ between funders. The requirements from funders are rapidly evolving, so we recommend checking with the relevant funding body site for the latest requirements.


Funder Data Management Policy and Requirement Links

  • British Academy 
    • The Academy does not currently have a formal policy on research data or data sharing and does not require the outputs of the research it funds to be made available in open access format.
    • The Academy "supports the release, disclosure and sharing of scientific data, and believes that government and other publicly funded datasets should be made available for secondary analysis, provided that confidentiality is protected".
    • Several of the British Academy's current project reporting forms request details of electronic data such as databases, digital archives or datasets arising from the Academy-funded phase of research, including whether data were offered for deposit to an appropriately accessible repository.
  • ERC 
    • ERC supports the basic principle of Open Access to research data and is a strong supporter of the idea that results stemming from publicly funded research – including primary data – should be made freely accessible on the Internet
    • ERC do not currently require a data management plan to be submitted with grant applications.
  • Leverhulme Trust
    • The Leverhulme Trust does not currently have a formal policy on research data or data sharing.