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Work is currently ongoing within the School Support Service on a number of projects aimed at meeting our deliverables for 2015/16, as summarised below.  Please check this site for regular updates on how these are progressing.  If you wish to contribute in any way, please contact the Project Lead’s direct.
Short life Working Groups
We have established three short-life working groups (expected to report by the end of January 2016).
  • Student journey related processes  - we are looking at areas where we can improve processes and build upon work carried out earlier (such as by the Sustainable Futures team).
    (Project Lead: Sharyn Bennet)
  • Staff support processes - we are looking at areas where we can improve processes and build upon previous work in this area.
    (Project Lead: Omar Dellal)
  • Information Architecture - we are currently reviewing how we store and manage information for the School Support Service and the academic schools we support (e.g. use of s:\drive and sharepoint).
    (Project Lead: Jill Leggatt)

Cross-service Reviews
We are now undertaking reviews across our Service on the following activities:
  • Timetabled events on Wednesday afternoons 
    (Project Lead: Sharon Nairn)
  • The use of generic email accounts
    (Project Lead: Fiona Sutherland)
  • Operation of staff student liaison committees
    (Project Lead: Elizabeth Hicks)
  • Developing and implementing an ‘External Survey Action Plan’ for our Service
    (Project Lead: Victoria Heathwood)

Reviewing redundant/false processes
We are asking teams to look at the wide range of tasks which we undertake and consider what processes could be stopped or amended where they do not provide value or could be undertaken more effectively/efficiently. Many of these may be small in nature, but will free our time for other activities. Please feed in your suggestions to your local School Team meeting.

Continuous Improvement Training
We have been liaising with the Sustainable Futures team and HR&D to explore the delivery of training for staff, so that we are all more aware of how we can embed improvements into our routine ways of working. More information will be shared about this in the new calendar year.
Consistency of processes/activities
One of our Service’s guiding principles states we should deliver consistency.  Work is underway to explore which support activities we believe need to be consistent, consider what we actually mean by consistency, and then prioritise the areas we should concentrate our efforts on first. There will be more information and a call for volunteers to participate in workshops shortly.
Communities of Practice
We have been looking at areas of interest where there would be merit in bringing colleagues together from across our Service.  Our first example is bringing Research Post Graduate (RPG) administrators together with colleagues from the Research & Innovation Office (RIO).  Suggestions for further informal communities would be very much appreciated, so please contact Steven direct. Project Lead: Steven Logie
e-Coursework Submission, Receipting & Feedback
As part of the University e-services (for students) project our Service has been asked to look at the issue of electronic coursework submission, receipting and feedback. Many areas of the University have already tried this, so our first step is to take stock of where we are at and consider the issues raised before planning next steps. Project Lead: Marjorie Henderson.
Customer Service Excellence
Many of you may be aware that our colleagues in Information Services, Property & Facilities and the Governance Service team have had their activities externally accredited through the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) award. One of our deliverables is to use the CSE framework to enhance our service delivery.  Early work is underway to explore this framework. Project Lead: Victoria Heathwood.
Forging a Service Identity
As a new University professional service we would like to forge an identity that helps us to come together as a single unified team, whilst making our service recognisable to stakeholders. Project Lead: Sally Douglas.