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Sighthill Campus Improvement Group – latest update

The Sighthill Campus Improvement Group (SCIG) met on Monday, 3 December – here’s what was discussed:
Student Centres
There will be a Student Centre at each campus, the location of which will be discussed widely before any proposals are taken forward. A working group has been formed, although no timeline for completion has been agreed. Interviews for the key role of Student Centre Manager will take place on 19 December.
New programmes: Teacher Education/Social Work/Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy
Planning is taking place in relation to a number of new programmes at Sighthill Campus, which will all commence in 2019 – January for Social Work/Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy and August for Teacher Education). The SCIG are monitoring space on campus as well as the impact on facilities.
Staff access to the campus buildings and ENGAGE
Property & Facilities will be asked to issue clarification regarding staff access times for both the campus buildings and ENGAGE building.
Car parking
A review of car parking will take place over the next six months.  In the meantime, a communication will be issued from Property & Facilities to update staff regarding car parking at our Sighthill campus.
Signage on campus
If staff have any suggestions to improve signage or see any out-of-date signage around the campus, please e-mail Facilities Helpdesk directly.
Changes to accommodation/facilities on campus
Changing OD09 to social space had been welcomed positively by students. Work on the lecture theatres will take place on the weekend of 8/9 December and further work is expected to be complete by Christmas. Further work will be undertaken in Trimester 2.
Desk space for postgraduate students
Changes are in plan to improve the current provision of desk space for postgraduate students and also to ensure the campus can accommodate further students in January and March of next year.
Green campus
Consideration will be given to providing more plants on campus and in placing succulents on visible roofs to make the campus greener. We’re looking into extending recycling on campus to include recycling of some plastics in laboratory areas.
Booking of LRC5
Responsibility for booking this space will move to Property & Facilities in the New Year, though this will still be done through the usual room booking online process.
For further information, contact your local SCIG representative.
The next meeting of the SCIG will take place on Wednesday, 27 March.
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