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We’ve updated the standard template for exams and cover sheets

The University has updated the standard template for exams and cover sheet to:
·         Save colleagues time by making exam papers as accessible for as many students as possible, without the need for School Offices to make changes. Where specific students still need an adapted format, the new formats will make it easier for School Offices to make these changes in advance
·         Help students take control and use assistive software to adjust the format of their exam paper and access it using screen readers
·         Keep us in line with the SQA, which now routinely offers electronic exam papers across schools, colleges, and many other universities
You can find the new exam and cover sheet templates, plus guidance on how to use them, here. Log on to Moodle Community using your regular staff ID credentials.  If you have not visited the “I’m In” course before, click the ‘Enrol Me’ button.
​The process for producing and submitting exam papers otherwise remains unchanged. In order for examinations to run successfully for all students, we require the following documents and information to be collected and submitted:
·         Examination paper – these should be produced using the updated template, with all questions and pages numbered
·         Examination paper cover sheet – the updated cover sheet applies for all examinations. The information on the front cover is particularly important as it provides students with essential instructions on completing their Examination. The front cover must also be typed in Arial 12 font
·         Requisition Form and completion guidelines - this form is used to allow the Student Administration team and the Print Room to prepare the logistics of the examinations. It’s essential that the information provided is accurate so that Examinations can be timetabled accurately, any special instructions for students are carried out and any relevant instructions are passed on to Invigilators. A copy of the requisition form can be found here, along with guidelines on how to complete it
If you have any questions about the above, email exams@napier.ac.uk.
This development has been introduced as part of the I’m In inclusive practice programme following a workshop in February 2019 that brought together colleagues from across the University to review the exam process. More information about I’m In can be found here.







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