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Shaping urban communities with smart and sustainable solutions
University colleagues at the U!REKA Conference hear why urban research is a European mission.
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Colleagues from the Edinburgh Napier’s Research & Innovation Office, International Operations, Student Recruitment, the School of Engineering & the Built Environment, and the School of Health & Social Care represented the University at the annual U!REKA Conference in Germany.
“Shaping Urban Communities. Smart and Sustainable Solutions” was the motto of the Urban Research and Education Knowledge Alliance consortium’s conference, hosted this year by Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.
As well as Edinburgh napier, the consortium includes universities from the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Germany, and more than100 academic and administrative staff met to present, discuss and develop research projects, as well as collaborations in the fields of teaching and academic management.
U!REKA’s purpose is to pool the expertise of member universities to collaborate on a wide range of issues from joint research and funding bids to increased student and staff mobility opportunities. The ultimate objective is to give students an education that prepares them as well as possible for a rapidly changing work environment.
Research findings and project ideas presented during the conference deal specifically with urban issues. These included “The Smart City”, “Health and Wellbeing in Urban Environments”, “Urban Sustainable Development”, “Migration and Urban Displacement”, “Higher Education Research” and “Research and Innovation and the Urban Eco-System”.
Researchers used the conference to develop joint project ideas and funding proposals. Some of the collaborations had developed over the past years, but many new connections sparked excitement about future project developments, including ideas about additional double degrees or summer university collaborations.
Find out more about U!REKA on the Edinburgh Napier U!REKA blog here.

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