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Honorary Awards – call for nominations
The Honorary Awards Committee want your nominations for Honorary Degrees or Honorary Fellowships by 29 April.
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The next meeting of the Honorary Awards Committee will be held on 7 May and the committee would like your nominations for Honorary Degrees or Honorary Fellowships no later than Monday, 29 April.
Recommendations made by the committee will be considered by the Academic Board on 7 June and will be finally approved or otherwise by the University Court on 24 June.
You can nominate candidates for the following:
  • Honorary Degrees are conferred on individuals who have earned distinction and eminence in their professional life and/or have made a significant contribution to the work of the University and/or Scottish life. Their achievements/values will be consistent with, or reflect, those of the University
  • Honorary Fellowships may be awarded to ex-members of staff who have made an outstanding contribution to University life
Guidance notes and a nomination form can be found on the intranet here. All nominations should remain confidential until University Court approval has been granted, a formal letter has been sent and the honorary nominee has accepted the award invitation.
You should not discuss nominations with the individual concerned.
Please send completed forms – marked confidential – to Colin Steen, Governance Services, 5.B.18, Sighthill Campus, no later than Monday, 29 April.






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