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News Details at Edinburgh Napier University


A change to University THE subscriptions
From 1 September, we’re switching to a University-wide Times Higher Education digital subscription, giving all colleagues and students unlimited access to articles online.
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Currently, individual Times Higher Education subscriptions at the University are a mix of hard copy subscriptions, which provide a printed copy of the publication each week and access to a limited number of online articles, and digital subscriptions, which provide online access to unlimited articles.
As of 1 September, we’re transitioning to an institutional THE digital subscription which will provide unlimited access to articles online for everyone with a @napier.ac.uk and @live.napier.ac.uk email address. We’ll also receive 5 printed copies each week, which will be distributed across the three campuses via the libraries.
Current individual subscriptions will remain in place until their expiration, however, these will not renew automatically. THE will be in touch with subscription holders to advise of the switch to the digital subscription. 
The new subscription will be paid out of a central budget instead of individual departmental budgets, and is a more environmentally friendly way to access the articles, whilst also providing access for a wider audience.

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