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Ensuring Edinburgh Napier is a safe place to work and study through Zero Tolerance
We want all of our staff and students to work and learn in a safe environment – and that’s exactly what our new Zero Tolerance campaign is aiming for.
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We want all of our staff and students to work and learn in a safe environment, and that’s exactly what our new Zero Tolerance campaign, which launches today, is aiming for.
Report and Support – what to do if you’re a victim or witness of misconduct
It’s vital that anyone subjected to any form of bullying, harassment, racism or sexual misconduct can confidentially report it and know they’ll get support within the University. That’s why we’ve created an online space where victims or witnesses of misconduct can safely report any incidents, either anonymously or by speaking with our specially trained wellbeing professionals.
Called Report and Support, it means anyone who has experienced inappropriate behaviour of any kind can report or disclose incidents anonymously to the University.
For more information on the Report and Support process, including how to get in touch with an adviser, click here.
The Consent Collective
As part of the campaign, we’ve also teamed up with The Consent Collective, who specialise in helping organisations and communities talk about sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic abuse. We’ll work together to keep our colleagues and students safe by making sure they know what is appropriate behaviour and what definitely isn’t.
The Consent Collective will be hosting events on campus in March. These are free to attend and will be publicised across our staff channels, so keep an eye out for details. I’d ask that you take the chance to hear from them – they’ve worked with thousands of people and are true experts in this area.
All staff and students have been given free access to a special Edinburgh Napier Member’s Area of the Consent Collective’s website, where you can watch videos which provide advice, guidance and support in the areas of consent and sexual misconduct. It also includes info on consent, what to do if you’ve been subjected to sexual misconduct, as well as how to live and work as a survivor.
Sign up using your University email address to access this content.
Help us share the Zero Tolerance message
The more people who know about Report and Support and the content available through The Consent Collective, the better, so please talk to your colleagues and students about these platforms.
You can take an online Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Violence course which will prepare you if called upon to respond to this type of disclosure by a student or colleague.
If you have any questions regarding Report and Support, The Consent Collective or our Zero Tolerance campaign, contact Mark Wilkinson, Head of Student Wellbeing and Inclusion.







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