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Objective setting and self-assessment
Support to create effective annual performance objectives and to evidence and evaluate your own performance
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​It’s now time for you to agree your 2022-23 performance and personal development objectives with your line manager and add them to HR connect. This should be completed by 30 September 2022.

The My Contribution Process encourages open conversations between managers and team members about performance management which is critical to the success of the University. Everyone should have a set of performance objectives which are SMART and are agreed at the start of the performance year between colleagues and their line managers. This ensures colleagues understand what is expected of them and can be measured to determine performance outcomes at both mid-year and end of year.

What is a SMART objective?

Specific – providing clarity and being unambiguous about the result you are aiming for and understanding why this goal is important. Specific is about describing details of the change you want to see by mapping out an inspired vision of the future

Measures of success – knowing when you have achieved your goal by specifically articulating your measures of success

Achievable and agreed – objectives should be achievable by being stretching enough to motivate you, but not too difficult to achieve

Relevant and realistic – the objective should align to the University and School/department plans to make it relevant. Realistic is making sure you discuss any reasons with your line manager which might make the objective difficult or unrealistic for you to achieve.

Timed – objectives should have a deadline as, without one, goals have a habit of slipping or being re-prioritised. Set review dates before the final deadline to make sure you’re on track and get any support you need. If objectives span over more than one academic year, make sure you capture what elements of the overall objective will be delivered in the current year.

For more guidance, view the Guidance on Setting SMART Objectives document.

If you’d like support to create effective annual performance objectives aligned to department plans and to evidence and evaluate your own performance, please join us for the My Contribution: Objective Setting and Self-Assessment on Thursday 13 October. 

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits and purpose of My Contribution
  • Explain basic steps and activities that are part of the My Contribution process
  • Write relevant SMART objectives aligned to department plans and priorities
  • Provide updates and evidence for achieving objectives
  • Find additional support tools

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