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Dr Jane Ali- Knight
Director, Edinburgh Institute: Festivals, Events & Tourism
The Business School
Contact details
Room: 5/01, Craiglockhart Campus
Tel: +44 (0) 131 455 4392
Email: j.ali-knight@napier.ac.uk
PhD - The Role of Niche Tourism Products in Destination Development
MSc Tourism Management with distinction.
BA (Hons) English Literature/Modern History
Areas of Expertise
Festival and Event Management ; Wine Tourism; Tourism Marketing, Destination Development and Cultural Tourism.
Dr. Jane Ali-Knight is a founding member and Director of the Edinburgh Institute: Festivals, Events and Tourism (EIFET) and is Course Director of the 'Executive Certificate in Event Management'. She is currently leading and developing EIFET operations in Scotland as well as lecturing at Universities internationally and facilitating training and development in the field. EIFET's core activities fall into three main areas: event and festival related programmes; research and publications and conferences and professional events.
A recognised academic she has presented at major international and national conferences and has published widely in a range of international academic journals in the areas of wine tourism, tourism, festival and event marketing and management. She is also on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Vacation Marketing, International Journal of Event and Festival Management and is a reviewer for Tourism Management. She has also co-edited seminal text books in the area of Festival and Event Management. Jane has extensive experience in designing and delivering undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses in tourism and festival and event management both in the UK and overseas.
Her recent event related experience extends to Special Events Management and Publicity Co-ordination for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF), 2007 - 2012, Event Corporate Hospitality Management and logistics through working for Emirates Flight Catering on the 2007 Dubai Air Show and extensive Professional Conference Organisation.
Key Research Publications
Journal Articles
  • Weber, K. and Ali-Knight, J. (2012) Events and Festivals in Asia and the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. International Journal of Event and Festival Management 3(1). pp. 4-8. 
  • Ensor, J., Robertson, M. and Ali-Knight, J. (2011) Eliciting the Dynamics of Leading a Sustainable Event: Key Informant Responses. Event Management, Vol. 15. pp. 315-327. 
  • Carlsen, J., Andersson, T.D., Ali-Knight, J., Jaeger, K. And Taylor, R. (2010) Festival Management Innovation and Failure. International Journal of Event and Festival Management 1(2). pp. 120-131. 
  • Stephenson, M.L., and Ali-Knight, J. (2010) Dubai's Tourism Industry and its Societal Impact: Social Implications and Sustainable Challenges Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 8(4) pp. 278-292. 
  • Barron, P., Ali-Knight, J., & Stephenson, M.L. (2009). Preferred Learning Styles: The Case of Students at a Satellite Campus in the Middle East. International Journal of Excellence in Tourism, Hospitality and Catering, 2(2). 
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