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The Mentorship Steering Group (MSG)


The Mentorship Steering Group (MSG), a subgroup of the Lothian and Borders Practice Placement Committee provides operational and strategic management of mentorship for all practice placements, employing a partnership of lectures, practitioners and practice education facilitators who collaborate with two other HEIs co-ordinating the mentorship activities within the Edinburgh area. Using this approach, practice placements for student nurses and midwives are underpinned via our mentorship system by the NMC (2008).

Mentorship Steering Group minutes 

2015 Minutes:​

Minutes 19 February 2015.docxMinutes 19 February 2015.docx

Minutes 30 April 2015.docxMinutes 30 April 2015.docx

Minutes 25 June 2015.docxMinutes 25 June 2015.docx

Minutes 21 October 2015.docxMinutes 21 October 2015.docx

Minutes 17 December 2015.docxMinutes 17 December 2015.docx


2016 Minutes:

Minutes 24 Febuary 2016.docxMinutes 24 Febuary 2016.docx

Minutes 28 April 2016.docxMinutes 28 April 2016.docx

Minutes 5 July 2016.docxMinutes 5 July 2016.docx

Minutes 24 August 2016.docxMinutes 24 August 2016.docx

Minutes 25 October 2016.docxMinutes 25 October 2016.docx

Minutes 20 December 2016.docxMinutes 20 December 2016.docx


2017 Minutes:

Minutes 9 March 2017.docxMinutes 9 March 2017.docx

Minutes 25 April 2017.docxMinutes 25 April 2017.docx

Minutes 29 June 2017.docxMinutes 29 June 2017.docx

Minutes 29 August 2017.docxMinutes 29 August 2017.docx

Minutes 24 October 2017.docxMinutes 24 October 2017.docx

Minutes 19th December 2017.docxMinutes 19th December 2017.docx


2018 Minutes:

Minutes 27th February 2018.docxMinutes 27th February 2018.docx

Minutes 26th April 2018.docxMinutes 26th April 2018.docx

Minutes 28th June 2018.docxMinutes 28th June 2018.docx

Minutes 30th August 2018.docxMinutes 30th August 2018.docx

Minutes 8th November 2018.docxMinutes 8th November 2018.docx

Minutes 18th December 2018.docxMinutes 18th December 2018.docx


2019 Minutes:

Minutes 20th February 2019.docxMinutes 20th February 2019.docx

Minutes 25th April 2019.docxMinutes 25th April 2019.docx

Minutes 26th June 2019.docxMinutes 26th June 2019.docx

Minutes 29th August 2019.docxMinutes 29th August 2019.docx

Minutes 24th October 2019.docxMinutes 24th October 2019.docx

Minutes 19th December 2019.docxMinutes 19th December 2019.docx


Mentorship Steering Group Action plan

MSG Updated Action Plan February 2016 – January 2018.pdfMSG Updated Action Plan February 2016 – January 2018.pdf