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Introduction to My Progress - electronic OAR


We're continually striving to make sure that the experience of students in practice remains outstanding. This has led to the implementation of a web-based e-practice assessment framework that communicates either through the Myprogress website or with mobile or tablet devices in practice using the Myprogress app.

All Nursing students for Adult, Child, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities are now using the electronic OAR system across all years 1-3.​



MyProgress Pilot (May-August 2018)


The School of Health and Social Care piloted the system throughout trimester 3 (May-August 2018) with the 2nd year Mental health and Learning disability students. 

Here is some system feedback we have recieved so far regarding the postives and the challenges:

Feedback from pilot.docxFeedback from pilot.docx


Student / Mentor link process:


https://enu.mkmapps.com/myprogress is the link which will take you to my progress. As a mentor, you will automatically receive access to the system as soon as you mentor a student using the electronic OAR. You will receive an email directly from Myprogress with log in details. 

ALL OAR documentation is to be worked on by the student and mentor and completed through the STUDENT'S Myprogress account ONLY. As soon as a document is completed on the students account, the mentor is sent an email with a link to view the student's work. If the student has multiple mentors, the student must complete the record of signatories’ document adding each mentors details. 



Below is a reminder of all documents which should now be completed through the students My Progress account:


Below is a list of the documents should be completed My Progress account while you are on placement:




• INTERIM REVIEW - midway point of placement



• REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT - by the end of placement

• ESC’s - by the end of placement submit what you have achieved. Then on your next placement submit another version.

• ALTERNATIVE FIELDS - only submit if fully complete, otherwise save as a draft until finished.


• ADDITIONAL NOTES (if needed)

The only document that remains paper version is the students Attendance Record Time Sheet.​



What is MyProgress​?


Myprogress is a web-based tool for assessing students in clinical practice. Students can either complete assessments on a computer or a tablet device.


The Myprogress app allows you to complete assessments and forms offline, without the need for an active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.




Benefits of MyProgress:


  • Increased communication and engagement between personal tutors in the University and students/mentors in practice.
  • Student and mentor acquisition of digital literacy skills.
  • Wi-Fi or internet access is not required in clinical area. The device is synced when the student returns home or attends the campus.
  • Mentors have access to their own portal and student assessment. This provides evidence for their triennial review and NMC re-registration.
  • Improved academic practice by precluding the falsification of documentation through email-verified sign-off of assessments.
  • Improved record keeping; reports can be extracted from the system providing a range of quality assurance data.
  • Attendance sheets can be approved on the device and accessed remotely by the higher education institution, and digitally checked.
  • Development of a CPD portfolio.
  • A bank of assessment tools / instruments can be developed to prevent repetition for academics and increase in sharing opportunities.
  • Tutors can forward 'useful information' to the students in practice via the app.




MyProgress Mentor Training


We continue to train as many mentors as possible to ensure they are prepared. 

Below is a list of training dates. Please get in touch (myprogress@napier.ac.uk) if you would like booked on one.

24/09/19 Liberton Hospital, Function Room at 2.30pm

23/10/19 Astley Ainslie, Board Room (Admin Building) at 11am

25/10/19 Allermuir Health Centre, Room - TBC at 11am

28/10/19 Borders General Hospital, Room - Education Centre at 1pm​​
30/09/19 Western General Hospital, Room Paderewski Lecture Theatre at 2pm
11/10/19 RHSC Lecture room , SHERE , Millerfield Place​ 10-11
11/10/19 RHSC Lecture room , SHERE , Millerfield Place​ 11-12
23/10/19 Astley Ainslie, Board Room (Admin Building) at 11am
28/10/19 Borders General Hospital, Room - Education Centre at 1pm​​​​
30/10/19 Spire Murrayfield, Meeting Room at 10am
30/10/19 Spire Murrayfield, Meeting Room at 11am
31/10/19 The Esk Centre, Ladywell Way, Room - TBC at 2pm
12/12/19 Borders General Hospital, Room - Education Centre at 1pm​​​
15/01/20 Borders General Hospital, Room - Education Centre at 1pm​​​
29/01/20 Borders General Hospital, Room - Education Centre at 2pm​​​​
10/02/20 Borders General Hospital, Room - Education Centre at 2pm​​​​​
26/02/20 Borders General Hospital, Room - Education Centre at 2pm​​​​​​



The below presentation is from the Introduction to My Progress training for mentors, which is covered in more detail on a training date above.


Introduction to My Progress Mentors.pptxIntroduction to My Progress Mentors.pptx




Myprogress training videos



Below are links to the mentor training videos. 


Introduction to My Progress - background and system information


How to complete OAR documents with your student


How to check OAR documents through the mentor account​



These videos will enable students and mentors to work with the Myprogress platform both on the tablet and computer-based versions.








The guides below show you how to use the Myprogress platform and take you through common tasks step by step.




Student Guide My Progress Student Guide ENU.pdfMy Progress Student Guide ENU.pdf


Mentor Summary Guide regarding the basic process​ ENU MyProgress Information for Mentors.pdfENU MyProgress Information for Mentors.pdf 


Full Mentor Guide with step by step instructions ENU MyProgress Full Mentor Guide.pdfENU MyProgress Full Mentor Guide.pdf






Frequently asked questions: FAQs.pdfFAQs.pdf





Please contact myprogress@napier.ac.uk if you have any further queries.






*All content adapted from Anglia Ruskin University guide https://www.anglia.ac.uk​*​