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Sign-Off Mentor Information

Welcome to the Sign Off Mentor Preparation


Sign-Off Mentors are experienced mentors who meet the NMC requirements for this role and:

are in a setting where they are required to make the final assessment of practice and confirm to the NMC that the competencies and module learning outcomes have been achieved for entry to the register as a Nurse or Midwife​


are in a clinical setting that requires them to assess the competencies of a candidate undertaking the Mentorship in Practice Module.

The form below gives an overview of the process of becoming a Sign-off Mentor.  


Sign-Off Mentor assessment process flowchart.pdf

If you wish to become a Sign-Off Mentor, to enable you access to the Mentor Update Portal on Community Moodle please download the update form here:

Mentor Update Application Form 16.docxMentor Update Application Form 16.docx

Please complete this form electronically and send to: mentorship@napier.ac.uk 

OR post to:

Mel Baxter

Placements Office (Room 3.B.43)  
Edinburgh Napier University 
Sighthill Campus 
Sighthill Court 

EH11 4BN​


Once on the site you will need to demonstrate that you and your Line Manager agree that you will act as a Sign-Off Mentor by completing the Support and Approval form downloadable in Community Moodle.

Sign Off Mentor Preparation courses

Unique Opportunity for Sign Off Mentor Preparation 2020

If you would like added to one of the 2019 dates please contact mentorship@napier.ac.uk and provide your name and your workplace (i.e. hospital and ward) and state the date of the workshop you would to attend. One of the team will get back to you to confirm your place.

After you have completed the first 2 parts of the SOM course (Part 1 - application and questions; Part 2 - attendance at a workshop date), and when required and on completion of mentoring a student, please complete the Part 3 document below and return to mentorship@napier.ac.uk 

Part 3 TEMPLATE Sign off Mentor Assessment Criteria.docxPart 3 TEMPLATE Sign off Mentor Assessment Criteria.docx

After you have completed and returned Part 3 you can be added to the SOM database.


Contact mentorship@napier.ac.uk for further information


 Summary of the process for identifying a Sign Off mentor. 

  Mentor update Triennial review doc.pdf

The Nursing and Midwifery Council's (NMC), "Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice" (2008) states, as part of the Triennial Review to remain on the mentor register mentors must:
Participate in annual updating to include an opportunity to meet and explore assessment issues with other mentors
Mentor at least two students in the three year period.

  Sign-Off Mentor Self-Directed Update for Nurses Mar 10 .doc

 This self directed update has been developed to provide Sign Off Mentors (SOMs) for Nursing Students with information and guidance about the remit and responsibilities of the role.


  Mentor Update - Sign Off Mentor.pdf

To provide experienced mentors with information and guidance that enable will  them to undertake the role of Sign-off Mentor.




 Sign-Off Mentor Self-Directed Update for Midwives Mar10.doc

 This self directed update has been developed to provide Sign Off Mentors (SOMs) for Midwifery Students with information and guidance about the remit and responsibilities of the role.