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Edinburgh Napier EIS-ULA Branch

The recognised trade union for academic and related staff.


About the EIS-ULA


The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) is the only trade union with representation at all levels in the Scottish education sector; with around 60,000 members the EIS represents over 80% of staff.


The University Lecturer’s Association (EIS-ULA) is a self-governing association within the EIS and is constitutionally autonomous in all matters relating to Scottish Universities and equivalent institutions. The EIS-ULA has members in 15 out of Scotland's 18 higher education institutions.


Policies on educational issues relating to higher education in Scotland, including crucially the salaries and conditions of lecturers and related staff, are formulated by members of the EIS-ULA themselves through the Annual Conference and Executive Committee.


The EIS-ULA branch at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU-EIS) is the only recognised academic trade union.


You can find more information on the Edinburgh Napier Univeristy EIS-ULA branch website.