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Inspiring Leadership C5- 19&20 Feb, 12&13 Mar, 2&3 Apr


Event Date: 19th February 2019

Event Times: 09:30 - 16:30


Lead Facilitator:

Type: Inspiring Leadership

Provider Details: Learning and Development, learninganddevelopment@napier.ac.uk

Event Description:
This programme has been designed specifically for senior leaders (academic or professional services at Grade 7 – 10), who either lead or influence university strategy, are responsible for leading others, leading projects and /or lead research/ programmes.

The programme consists of three workshops (6 days total).

• Inspiring Leadership – 19th & 20th Feb
• Communicating and Influencing for Leaders – 12th & 13th Mar
• Leading Strategies and Change - 2nd & 3rd April

Each workshop is two full days in length. The programme builds on learning from each delivery day. Before booking your place on the programme, ensure that you attend all 6 days within the chosen programme. Dates cannot be interchanged between programmes as this impacts the learning.

**** This programme is for all Grade 7 to Grade 10 senior leader roles ****

If you not at an eligible grade, there may be suitable alternative options for you, please contact learninganddevelopment@napier.ac.uk to discuss your development needs, we will advise on the best option for you.

The University needs inspiring leaders who can successfully deliver our strategic objectives by motivating and supporting others to realise their full potential. This is particularly important in an ever changing higher education sector.

The learning is closely aligned to our values and leadership behaviours and is designed to support attendees’ knowledge and understanding of how to role model these across the University, ultimately ensuring our strategic objectives are met.

The Inspiring leadership programme consist of three workshops:

Inspiring leadership
Within this workshop you will have the opportunity to;
• Develop your leadership style
• Understand how you are seen by others
• Increase your understanding on how to engage and inspire others

Communicating and Influencing for Leaders
This workshop has been developed to increase your understanding of:

• Your communication style
• Effective collaboration with those who have a different style to yours
• The structure of great communication

Leading Strategies and Change
Within this workshop you will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of:
• Strategy and building strategic frameworks
• How to lead organisational change
• How to lead cultural change
• How to lead individuals during times of change

Inspiring leadership

By applying the learning from this workshop you will:
• Lead with integrity, build trust and inspire others to do the same
• Lead with purpose
• Connect your personal values with the university’s values and do the same for your people

Communicating and Influencing for Leaders

By applying the learning from this workshop you will:
• Effectively influence colleagues, students, team members and stakeholders
• Develop your communication and influencing style based on the audience and outcome through a range of tools
• Take people with you to enable a positive outcome

Leading Strategies and Change

By applying the learning from this workshop you will:

• Engage your people in the University’s strategy
• Create and deliver change programmes that stick
• Use a range of change related tools to bring people on the change journey and to add value to the institution.

Attendance should be discussed and agreed with your line manager and / or Director/ Dean, your specific personal development aims can then be linked to your My Development Plan before booking.

Non-attendance on any part of the workshop will incur a charge to your school/ department

Further information on HRConnect or by contacting event provider.

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