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Third seminar in Discourse, Culture and Society
Event Date: 29 March 2017
Location and Time
Room 2/06, Edinburgh Napier Business School, Craiglockhart Campus, 219 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH14 1DJ
​You are warmly invited to the third in the seminar series Discourse, Culture and Society, hosted by the Languages Group at Edinburgh Napier.
Main Description
Wed 29th March 2017: 3:00pm-4.30pm

Room 2/06, Edinburgh Napier Business School, Craiglockhart Campus, 219 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH14 1DJ
Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Dr Michael Kranert (Edinburgh Napier University) ‘Contrastive politico-linguistic discourse analysis: Text and context in the German and British Third-Way discourses’

Discussant: Dr Rowan R. Mackay (University of Edinburgh, Business School)

In recent years, there have been repeated calls to understand applied linguistics as a science of culture (Benke 2003; Kuße 2012), arguing that linguistic discourse analysis is intertwined with cultural studies.

In this paper, I will discuss what this means for contrastive political discourse analysis. I will suggest that we have to assume a context of ‘political culture’ in a broad sense, which needs to include an understanding of discourse history as much as an analysis of political institutions. Such a broad concept of culture has been discussed in semiotics (Posner 2003), but attempts to operationalise it for the theory of political discourse have not had a major impact on discourse analysis, since the term ‘political culture’ is a highly contested, ambiguous and problematic term and was widely associated with positivist research of political attitudes.

Drawing on my research on the linguistic strategies of New Labour in Britain and the SPD of the new centre ground in Germany, I will demonstrate how the assumed context of political culture influences the different linguistic domains. I will discuss how these context variables explain differences on the level of genres such as election manifestos and party conference speeches, and how they restricted the use of catch words, metaphors and arguments in the discourse of the third way in Germany.

Contact Details

​Please RSVP to Karen Fisher at K.Fisher@napier.ac.uk by 22nd March 2017.

For more information about the series, please contact Natalia Bremner n.bremner@napier.ac.uk, Mabel Victoria m.victoria@napier.ac.uk and Michael Kranert m.kranert@napier.ac.uk

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