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Our Disability Policy

Edinburgh Napier University welcomes people with disabilities, long term health conditions and specific learning difficulties and is committed to providing both students and staff with support in all aspects of University life.


At Edinburgh Napier University we aim to:


  • Provide a positive and supportive environment for all students and staff on the basis of individual merits, ability and potential.
  • Provide equality of opportunity and access and to ensure that no prospective student is denied a place on a  programme on the grounds of their disability. 
  • Take a positive, flexible approach to encouraging full participation of people with disabilities into all aspects of University life.
  • Make every reasonable effort to provide or arrange necessary support, adaptations, equipment and staff  development, in order to enable students and staff to fulfil their potential.
  • Take account of all our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 (incorporating the provisions of the former Disability Discrimination Act ) to achieve best practice in promoting disability equality wherever possible.


We are constantly reviewing and improving our facilities and procedures with the involvement of students and staff. Our Equality Duty commitments are reviewed annually and this provides an effective focus for helping to evaluate, develop and improve our support to disabled staff and students, as well as reviewing the University’s broader equality and diversity objectives and outcomes; the following links to the University’s current Equality & Diversity Statements and documents:




If you have any suggestions about the support we provide for students or staff, we would welcome your comments. Please email disabilityandinclusion@napier.ac.uk