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Working with Students with Disabilities, Specific Learning Difficulties or Health Conditions

Online Moodle resource

A new interactive resource has recently been created on Moodle to provide information and guidance for staff on supporting students with a range of disabilities and additional needs, including specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia), health conditions and mental health difficulties.


Information in the resource can be viewed in ‘bite sized chunks’, allowing staff to search for the specific information or section they require, at a time to suit individual commitments.  Alternatively, the information can be used in its entirety as a comprehensive module on the provision of support for students with a range of additional needs, for example as part of development activities. 

Select this link to view the online modules.  

Inclusive Practice

Under Strategy 2020, one of the University values is for Edinburgh Napier to be an inclusive institution. The consideration of inclusive curriculum design and teaching and assessment practice is important to enhancing the experience of all students but is very significant for students with additional needs. Academic staff may be interested in the following links which provide advice and information about inclusive academic practice in the context of equality and diversity:

Advice and Guidance on Supporting Students


If you are seeking guidance or advice relating to a student with a disability, learning difficulty or health condition please use the following contacts:


Students with Disabilities and Long Term Health Conditions




Jenny Hall, Disability & Inclusion Adviser. Email: j.hall@napier.ac.uk 


Craiglockhart and Sighthill


Elise Gibbons, Disability & Inclusion Adviser. Email: e.gibbons@napier.ac.uk


Students with Dyslexia and Other Specific Learning Difficulties


Craiglockhart and Merchiston


Monica Gribben, Dyslexia Adviser. Email: m.gribben@napier.ac.uk




Esther Shreeve, Disability & Inclusion Adviser. Email: e.shreeve@napier.ac.uk


Technology Support Enquiries 


If you have enquiries about the use of specific software, equipment or technology to support students with a range of additional needs or you require advice about creating alternative formats or accessible resources for students, please use the following contacts:


Sheena Hardie – Technology Support Adviser. Email: s.hardie@napier.ac.uk


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