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​Academic & Business Liaison (A&BL) Team


Below is a brief summary of each member of the Academic & Business Liaison team, including our areas of work and contact details:



Sally Jorjani - Head of Customer Services & Business Change


Sally Jorjani
Sally is the Head of Customer Service & Business Change which includes responsibility for Central Desk, Campus Support,  Liaison & Communications with Academic and Business partners, Academic Digital Innovation, Project Management, Continuous Improvement and Business Analysis and Change.
The team’s purpose is to drive, deliver and support innovation, technology, services and change aligned to the University’s strategic aims.
Contact me:
Via Email: S.Jorjani@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 4290
In person: 3/57 Craiglockhart Campus


Stephen Bruce - Academic Advisor

Stephen BruceA strategic partner for the schools and professional services to support the University’s academic agenda by leading the development and support provision for the academic suite of technologies.
I provide a link between professional services and the schools, and I’m the lead advisor for the University’s Moodle service developments and integrated technologies. I lead the team of Learning Technologists and work closely with the University’s Moodle developers and the school administrative staff. I am interested in piloting and implementing new technology services and sharing good academic practice in technology-enhanced learning.
I organise the University’s Moodle Academic Forum and manage the enhancements requests from staff and students.
Contact me:
Via Email: S.Bruce@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 6116
In person: 3/21 Craiglockhart Campus


Dorothy Chapman - Learning Technologist

Dorothy ChapmanSince arriving at Edinburgh Napier in March 2016 to take up the role of Learning Technologist for FHLSS I have been busy getting to know many people and processes within the University.   
I am primarily based at Sighthill Campus and spend one day a week work at Craiglockhart Campus when all three Learning Technologists from across the University work together. 

I have been providing support to FHLSS, in particular relating to Moodle and Turnitin requests and supporting online examinations. 

My main area of work for the next few months will be on the curriculum review within the nursing programmes and providing support and training relating to the set up and use of VLE for these. Relating to this I have been liaising with Michelle O’Reilly ( Lead for Clinical Skills and Senior Teaching Fellow ,School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care) attending the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care meetings and planning sessions regarding a consistent approach to Moodle resources and activities.
Contact me:
Via Email: D.Chapman@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 5373
In person:  2.E.14, Sighthill

Emma Farthing-Sykes
Work with and across a range of stakeholders to promote the work of the Technical Services team across the university. Enhancing the engagement of new, current and emerging technical services and projects across academics, staff, students and senior managers.
Expertise and Interests:
• develop communication strategies that support and promote the work of technical services
• Identify, improve and use new and existing channels of communication to engage our audiences
• identify and engage our stakeholders in specific projects / pieces of work
• Distil complex information into manageable and understandable key messages
• Target specific audiences with relevant, engaging and accessible information
• E-communications (creating engaging web content, e-bulletins, social media, website information structures)
Contact me:
Via Email: E.Sykes@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 4244
In person: 3/58 Craiglockhart Campus


Ruth Johnstone - Learning Technologist

Ruth Johnstone
As part of the Academic & Business Liaison team I work with Stephen Bruce and learning technology colleagues. I focus primarily on supporting and advising academic staff within the School of Arts and Creative Industries, School of Engineering and the Built Environment and the School of Computing in the use of Moodle and technology enhanced learning to support learning, teaching and assessment. Expertise and interest:

•         Innovation in learning and teaching delivery using Virtual learning environments
•         Repository technologies – policy and technology related to learning
•         Online, distance and blended learning
•         MOOCs
•         Online pedagogy
•         Learning design
•         E-learning strategy
•         Technology Enhanced Learning


Helen MacDonough - User Information Officer

Helen MacDonoughPrepares and sources IT end user documentation for Technical Services. Content manages and publishes end user materials to the Technical Services intranet and myNapier pages. Co-ordinates staff IT training and liaises with stakeholders on IT training needs and customised IT training events. Creates materials and assists in the co-ordination of off campus IT student inductions. Assists in the marketing and promotion of technical services and acts as first point of contact for FOI requests related to Technical Services
 Expertise and Interests:
• Creating and sourcing end user materials for Technical Services
• Writing for Technical Services Intranet and myNapier pages
• Staff IT Training provision
• Off Campus IT Student Induction provision
• Promotion and publicity for Technical Services
• Technical Services FOI requests
Contact me:
Via Email: H.MacDonough@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 4231
In person: 3/21 Craiglockhart Campus


Andrew McKendrick - Senior Consultant


Andrew McKendrickExpertise and Interests:
13 years industry experience of business improvement, joining Edinburgh Napier University in November 2012.
An accredited Six Sigma Black-belt and Prince2 practitioner he likes to work with process experts to understand the detail and believes in data driven decision making and measurement.
Contact me:
Via Email: A.McKendrick@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 6328
In person: 3/58 Craiglockhart Campus​



Belinda Merchant - Portfolio & Services Engagement Manager

To develop our understanding of the costs and management of our current portfolio of services (including applications, systems, infrastructure, etc.), to ensure we are providing the University with the appropriate services and demonstrating their value to the business. Facilitates communication with our Customer Services teams and other key business stakeholders, informing and engaging them in new developments and facilitating improvements to existing services and their underlying business processes to ensure that all of our customers achieve the best use of our services.
Contact me:
Via Email: B.Merchant@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 4204
In person: 3/58 Craiglockhart Campus


Steve Yorkstone - Senior Consultant


Steve YorkstoneExpertise and Interests:
Steve’s areas of expertise are: continuous improvement (from a lean background), coaching, and group facilitation.
He started applying lean thinking in a higher education context in 2006 and has worked with a number of universities on successful applications of lean, including in the University of St Andrews and the University of Sheffield.
He is a recognised consultant sector wide. He is on the editorial board for the LMJ, an industry magazine for Lean and Operational Excellence. He Chairs Lean HE, the international peer organisation for the application of lean in Universities, and Steve has published a number of papers in this area.
He is a passionate believer in continuous improvement and people being at the heart of change. He loves working with colleagues to make a sustained positive difference in our workplace.
Contact me:
Via Email: S.Yorkstone@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 5006
In person: 3/58 Craiglockhart Campus​

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