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Online Video Service


Video ImageThe Online Video Service provides University staff with a free means of storing and sharing videos created by a range of recording methods.

  • All staff have access to upload videos to their department's video library.
  • The service will automatically compress and format a wide range of video file types for optimal viewing in web browsers across a range of devices.
  • Once uploaded the video files can easily be viewed on Mobile Devices e.g. iPhone.
  • Videos can be publically available or made private to groups, depending on which category the video is stored in.
  • Staff can request recordings to be made of tv and radio programmes which can be accessed by logging in and clicking the TV Recordings category.
  • On request, DVDs currently in library stock can be transferred to video files which are accessed via TV Recordings.


Creating videos


There are a number of devices you can use to record a video, including digital cameras, tablet computers and mobile phones.

 Camtasia Relay Logo
Camtasia Relay 
enables you to record your computer's screen and create recordings using a microphone and webcam, then immediately upload it to the Online Video Service, and the TechSmith Fuse for Camtasia Relay App can be installed on your mobile device enabling you to record a video and instantly upload it. 

Further information can be found on the Camtasia Relay page.


Acceptable Use Guidelines for Staff and Students


When using Camtasia and the Online Video Server staff and students must abide by the Rules of Acceptable Use.  


Video Security Settings


The Online Video Service (OVS) has three categories where videos are hosted and these are public, secure and personal.

Once you have created your video you need to choose which security category it should be uploaded to on the Online Video Server. The Security Categories are as follows:

Videos in this category can be viewed by anyone browsing the OVS at http://onlinevideo.napier.ac.uk/, and these videos can also be found by a Google search.
Each school or department has a public category in the OVS.
OVS image

These videos can only be viewed by staff or students who log into the OVS at http://onlinevideo.napier.ac.uk/
Standard school or department secure videos are available to all staff and students, even if they are not members of that school or department.
OVS image


​These videos are only available to the creator of the video when logging into the OVS. Staff and students can upload videos to their personal category.

However these videos can be made available to staff and students via the Moodle plugin.


If you created your video using Camtasia Relay then it will automatically upload to your Personal Category, if you wish others to view the video then you'll need to move it to your department's video library.


Moodle Plugin



Moodle LogoAlways upload your own videos to the Online Video Server (OVS) and then provide a link in Moodle using the plugin. The OVS has private categories to restrict the availability of videos, and the plugin ensures that videos are only available to staff and students enrolled on your Moodle course.

There are three components to Moodle-OVS plugin:

1. An OVS activity to link videos on the course home page
2. An OVS icon in the text editor to embed videos in labels and pages
3. An assignment type to allow students to submit video assignments


View the Learning Technology Hub for more details.



Using the Service


For guidance on how to upload and view videos go to the Online Video Service and click on the Help button on the top menu.