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Classroom Equipment

​Lecture Theatre & Classroom AV Refurbishments

Information Services (IS) are continuing a project to replace the Audio Visual (AV) facilities in a number of Learning spaces across the University. 

This latest phase is our largest to date: we are bringing 40 spaces up to the main classroom specification level, replacing ageing systems with new equipment. 

The schedule for the main classroom refurbishments is below – these are rooms for which equipment has been delivered and which we are therefore able to progress. 

We have a further phase of works which we intend to complete as soon as possible, however ongoing global supply chain issues mean we are unable to provide dates for this work at this time.

Refurbishment dates

Works will be undertaken overnight in order to complete rooms outside of teaching hours. The schedule for these works is as follows:


​  Room ​  Date Status
  3.D.03​   17 September 2021​ ​Completed
  3.D.08   10 September 2021 ​Completed
  3.D.10​   16 September 2021 ​Completed
  3.D.11   16 September 2021 ​Completed
  3.D.12   10 September 2021 ​Completed
  3.D.13   15 September 2021 ​Completed
  2.D.08   15 September 2021 ​Completed
  2.D.11   13 September 2021 ​Completed
  2.D.12   10 September 2021 ​Completed
  2.D.13   14 September 2021 ​Completed
  2.D.15   14 September 2021​ ​Completed


​  Room   Date​ Status
  A55   14 September 2021 ​Completed
  B32   14 September 2021 ​Completed
  B70   14 September 2021 ​Completed
  C18   21 September 2021 ​Completed
  C19   21 September 2021 ​Completed
  D42   22 September 2021 ​Completed
  E03   22 September 2021 ​Completed
  E07   22 September 2021 ​Completed
  E08   23 September 2021 ​Completed
  E13   23 September 2021 ​Completed
  E14   23 September 2021 ​Completed
  E17   23 September 2021 ​Completed
  F05   24 September 2021 ​Completed
  F06   24 September 2021 ​Completed
  G19   27 September 2021 ​Completed
  G20   27 September 2021 ​Completed
  G21   28 September 2021 ​Completed
  G23   28 September 2021 ​Completed
  H11   30 September 2021 ​Completed
  H14   30 September 2021 ​Completed
  H15   30 September 2021 ​Completed


​  Room   Date​   Status
  C1.07   20 September 2021 ​Completed
  C2.07   5 October 2021 ​Completed
  C3.05​   6 October 2021 ​Completed
  C3.06   7 October 2021 ​Completed
  C3.07   4 October 2021 ​Completed
  C3.08   11 October 2021 ​Completed
  C3.09   12 October 2021 ​Completed
​  C3.10   13 October 2021 ​Completed​

Further information about the changes

The latest group of rooms that we are refurbishing are essentially a continuation of previous works but also include some further improvements.  

We’ve maintained our standardised approach as much as possible but have made some small changes to improve useability and functionality:

  • We’ve simplified our microphone provision by installing high specification ceiling mics – these intelligently focus their directivity on where sound is coming from, so you are free to move around the teaching area while being heard clearly. If there are any concerns about confidentiality you can mute these at the touch of a button. 
  • We’ve upgraded to touchpanels in each of these classrooms in order to provide a single, easily cleaned surface, and to offer additional controls.
  • We’ve introduced USB-C connectivity so you can connect your laptop via a single cable – this allows you to show your screen on the projector, provides access to the room peripheral devices (ceiling microphone, camera) so you can use applications such as Panopto, WebEx etc on your laptop, and it will power your device at the same time! We’ve retained HDMI connectivity for those that don’t have USB-C on their device.
  • We’ve changed some of the equipment inside our teaching desks to increase network connectivity, allowing us to support our equipment remotely to an even higher degree than before.

Next Phase

In addition to the above works, IS will be installing new equipment in a further selection of spaces. These include:

Five pilot HyFlex spaces

  • 1/10, 2/17 and 3/04 at Craiglockhart
  • B55 at Merchiston
  • 2.D.03 at Sighthill

These will be equipped as per our new classrooms but will feature full are microphone coverage, additional forward-facing cameras and additional displays to show remote participants.

Nine additional classrooms at Craiglockhart:

  • 1/100, 1/110 and 1/113 in the existing temporary units
  • 1/115 to 1/120 in the new temporary units

Thank you for supporting Information Services through these exciting improvements. 

If you would like any further information please contact the IS Service Desk. ​​​​​