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Digital Signage - Single Screens 


The single screens refer to the pool of individual screens installed in our social and public areas on the 3 main campuses. These screens are available as University resource.


Adding Content to the Screens


To add your content to these screens please select which channel(s) you would like to target and contact the appropriate channel manager.

  • Please ensure your content (image or video) has a ratio of 16:9
  • Supported images and photos include: PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP
  • Supported video files include: WMV and MP4 - please note the screens do not play sound.  

Email your content to the channel manager via the contact email address below.


Please advise the channel manager:

  • which channel(s) you are aiming for
  • if a specific screens within that channel needs to be targeted,
  • how long the content should run for.


In order to keep content fresh content should not be live for more than 4 weeks at a time.  Please allow 5 working days for your request to be actioned. 


Channel Managers

Channel managers have been assigned to the 8 channels that now run the pool of 32 of single screens.

No of screens
SAL  (Seated Area Landscape)
Justen Ross / enquiries
SAP  (Seated Area Portrait)
Justen Ross /  enquiries
TL  (Thoroughfare Landscape)
Helen MacDonough / IS Service Desk
TP  (Thoroughfare Portrait)
Helen MacDonough / IS Service Desk
CL  (Complex Layouts Landscape)
Justen Ross / enquiries
CP  (Complex Layouts Portrait)
Justen Ross / enquiries
ENSA-L  (ENSA Landscape)
N/A ENSA info only
ML  (Menu Prices / Catering Landscape)
Nyree Mairs / Property & Facilities
N/A Catering info only