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​Request a Screen


Screen Content Management


ONELAN.jpgThe digital signage screens, media walls screens and receptions touch screens use a content management system (CMS) provided by OneLAN.


This CMS allows content editors to create and publish a screen layout which can host a range media formats (images, videos, websites, streaming TV, widgets, scrolling text). 


Screen content and playlists can be planned in advance and scheduled to play at certain times of the day, week, year and/ or override other playlists with important messages.


Requesting a Screen


If you would like to install a screen(s) in your office, corridor or area, Information Services are happy to assist you with its installation and connection to the OneLAN content management system. 


There are 2 simple steps to follow:  


Step 1:  TV Screen


You will need to source a TV screen that will be compatible with the OneLAN solution.

Requirements are:

  • HDMI Port
  • Rs232 Port
  •  Resolution supporting at least 1360 x 768


If you are unsure please contact the IS Service Desk prior to buying any hardware as we can advise on screen compatibility.  Incompatible screens will not work.


Step 2: Contact Information Services


Once you have a screen and suitable location please log a request to the either by email or by completing this form, please ensure you include the following information:

  • User names of people who are going to have access to add content
  • Location of the screen/Network Port Numbers
  • Licence required for streaming?
  • Orientation of the screen (portrait or landscape)
  • Training Requirements


    Cost considerations

    These approximate prices are based on prices in Apr 2016 and are subject to change:

    • Compatible screen(s) - purchased by you
    • OneLAN NTB (Net Top Box/s) £555 (each approx.) + Carriage
    • Licences (onetime payment)
    • TV Streaming £200 (if required) - this is a one off payment.
    • Costs of any data and power points  - Facilities will be able to advise on this.
    • Training costs (if required). See information in section below.


    Overall, you can expect to pay approximately £1,880 per screen including OneLAN Net Top Box, wall bracket, installation etc., but not including any licences.


    OneLAN training and support


    Information Services provide training and support materials for the use of the OneLAN content management system. 

    Occasionally we arrange for an external trainer from OneLAN to visit Edinburgh Napier to deliver a full day training on the OneLAN content Management System.

    If you would like to find out more please contact the IS Service Desk