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Remote Access to the Network


To access the Edinburgh Napier University network remotely staff members can either:

  • Use the Virtual Desktop Se​rvice (VDS) to access an Edinburgh Napier desktop - find out more about the VDS
  • Use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access secure University websites and Remote Connect to an office PC from a home PC or laptop - see information below. 

Please note:  the majority of the University's online services can be accessed without being connected to the Virtual Desktop Service or Virtual Private Network.   ​It is recommended that you connect to services directly where possible to avoid performance or access issues.

This PDF explains what to use to access online services off campus. 

MFA for the VPN for staff: From Friday 10​ September 2021, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be required for all off-campus use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN).  This will initially apply only to staff members and not students. Find out more about MFA​

Introduction to the Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Cisco VPN logo
    The Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure tunnel through which you can log in to secure University websites such as HR Connect, Agresso​ and the Cisco Telephone Self-Service Website.

    The VPN can also be used to connect to your office PC remotely via Remote Desktop, effectively enabling you to carry out your work using a remote PC (e.g. home PC)  as you would on your office PC. 

    Please note:  The majority of the University's online services can be accessed without being connected to the VPN, it is recommended that you connect to services directly where possible to avoid performance or access issues - find out which services require connection to the VPN​.  ​

    Students do not currently have access to use the VPN.


    Installing and Using the VPN

    The VPN User Guide will guide you through the set up process:

    VPN user guide for Windows​​

    ​VPN user guide for Macs

    There are several stages you need to go through to set up the VPN and Remote Connect to your office PC outlined in the user guide:

    • Step 1 – Prepare Work PC for Remote Desktop 
    • Step 2 - Add VPN URL as a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer if required 
    • Step 3 – Install the VPN Client 
    • Step 4 – Start the VPN Client 
    • Step 5 - Connect to Work PC with Remote Desktop
    • Step 6 - Log off from Work PC via Remote Desktop and Disconnect VPN. 

    If you require help with the set up process please contact the IS Service Desk​

    Please note: if using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your office PC then ensure you disconnect from the Remote Connection without shutting down your office PC - show me how ​


    VPN Frequently Asked Questions


    A range of Virtual Private Network FAQs can be found on askNapier​.