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​Local Area Network (LAN) Refresh Project


Network imageAs part of Information Services’ commitment to continuously improve the University’s infrastructure, we are currently embarking on a refresh of the University’s Local Area Network (LAN).

This work will effectively upgrade the hardware which connects our PCs, phones and other peripheral devices across the University.

This essential work will enable us to ensure that your information and work remains secure and easily retrievable at all times. 

The project aims to:

  • Replace the older/slower network access switches, enabling quicker retrieval of data.
  • Increase the network speed for connected devices.
  • Increase data security for staff and students.
  • Simplify and improve the management and maintenance of the network for Information Services.
  • Retire the old, outdated equipment.
  • Ensure more cost effective use of access switches, reducing the overall number of switches required on each campus.


Schedule of Work


The LAN Refresh will be achieved in 3 phases:

Phase 1:  Craiglockhart

Phase 2:  Sighthill

Phase 3:  Merchiston


What Will Happen During the LAN Upgrade


As each area is upgraded it will involve a small amount of out-of-hours scheduled downtime which will be communicated, by email, to all affected areas in advance.

All phone and network services (email, SharePoint, networked H&S drives) from your office PC will be unavailable from 5.30pm on the day the work is scheduled, until 8:45am the following day.  

Although you won’t be able to use your office PC during this period you will be able to:


myDrive ImageAccess your networked H & S drives from any PC or device using myDrive


Email Logo
Access your email using OWA


SharePoint Logo
Access your shared workspaces by logging in to the Staff WorkPlace from any device or computer


VDS logo
Access an Edinburgh Napier desktop from any device or laptop using the Virtual Desktop Service


PC LogoYou will not be able to remote desktop or VPN into your PC from another computer however you will be able to log onto a student PC to access your email, SharePoint sites and Shared network drive.

What Will Happen After the LAN Upgrade


Local Networked Printers Will Be Decommissioned


Due to the University's Print Policy, and as part of our effort to move towards more a sustainable, green and cost-effective printing solution, local network printers will be not be re-connected following these network upgrades. 


Staff members will be connected to the Follow Me Print Queue and will be able to print to any Multi-Functional Device (MFD). Additional information including a list of MFD locations can be found on the Multi-Functional Device pages.


You will Get a New IP address


Please be advised that following this network upgrade you will be automatically resigned with a new IP address.  You will need to make note of this new IP address when logging into the remote desktop or using VPN to remote into your PC.

To get your IP Address:

  • Double click on the IT Support Tool icon on your Desktop:

               IT Support Tool image

  • Click More Computer Details.
  • In the Network Info section your IP Address will be listed.


Additional Help and Support


If you have any questions or require further help and support please contact IS Service Desk in the first instance.