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This page provides information about SharePoint 2010.  For information about the new version of SharePoint please go to the Office 365 SharePoint page​



Introduction to SharePoint


MS SharePoint logoSharePoint is a web based product which enables you to collaborate and communicate with other team members, departmental colleagues or project/working groups by storing files and information in one location. 


Within Edinburgh Napier University staff SharePoint Team Sites are accessed via the Staff Workplace.


Team Sites

The SharePoint environment is made up Team Sites. Each Team Site is set up and maintained by a Team Site administrator who assigns access rights to colleagues and associates as required. Team Sites contain elements such as:

  • Document Libraries
  • Surveys
  • Discussion Groups
  • Blogs
  • Calendars
  • Announcements


Benefits of using SharePoint


The key benefits include:

  • Collaborative access to version controlled documents.
  • It eliminates need to circulate documents via email.
  • It enables users to control access to sensitive data using permissions.
  • Team Sites can be accessed on or off campus providing there is internet access.


SharePoint Training


SharePoint Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQs


Q:  When should I use SharePoint and when should I use the Departmental Data Area (S drive)?
A:  This is a decision that should be made within each department and/or working group but as a guideline SharePoint should be used in the following circumstances:

  • If you will be collaborating with others particularly if you are working with others out with your department.
  • If you need to control access to particular files on an individual basis.
  • If you need externals to be able to access/update files.
  • If you need to keep a record of previous versions of files.
  • If you require the ability to approve specific files.
  • If you need to share information other than standard files (using SharePoint you can add Announcements, create a list of contacts, URL links, add calendars, tasks, surveys, discussions boards, Wikis, Blogs and much more).

Further information about your S drive can be found in the Saving Files and Data Storage Intranet page.


Q:  How do I access SharePoint:

A:  Go to the Staff Intranet:  http://staff.napier.ac.uk and click on My Workplace.


Enter the URL of your Team Site.

Please note:  if you are accessing SharePoint out with the University you will be prompted to log in to My Workplace.


Q:  Why can I not view a document or other element that my co-worker can?
A:  You may not have the same permissions as your colleague; if you think your permissions are incorrect contact your Team Site Administrator/Owner - this is usually the person who originally gave you access to the Team Site.


Q:  What is a Team Site Administrator?
A:  The Team Site Administrator (also termed Team Site Owner) has full control of a Team Site.  The Team Site Administrator is responsible for:

  • Defining how the Team Site will be used
  • Setting up and managing the Team Site and its sub sites
  • Deciding who should have access to what and assigning the relevant permissions.


Team Site Administration FAQs


Q:  How do I visually upgrade an existing Team Site to the new SharePoint 2010 interface?

A:  The following video shows how to perform a visual upgrade to SharePoint 2010 on an existing Team Site:

  SharePoint 2010 visual upgrade

Please note:  if you are a Team Site Administrator and are planning to upgrade your Team Site to SharePoint 2010 please inform all Team Site members and contributors before you upgrade as the look and feel is quite different.   



Q:  How do I get a new Team Site set up?

A:  To get a new Team Site set up contact the Team Site Administrator of the Team Site in which you would like your Team Site created, this would usually be your departmental Team Site Administrator.


Once the Team Site has been set up you will be expected to add your own Team Site members and assign them the relevant permissions.  You should also put together a set of guidelines/best practices for how to use the Team Site.  


  How to Create a New Team Site (SharePoint 2010)


Q: Tell me about Team Site Permissions/Access Rights?
A:  Each Team Site user has a specific set of permissions which define the level of access they have to update the Team Site.  The table below explains the standard permission groups used within the University:   



Group Name              




Permissions Defined 




Full Control


Has full control of the site. 
Warning: This level of permissions should only be given to fully trained Team Site Administrators. Be careful who you assign these permissions to - Owners have permissions to change the settings and potentially delete the whole Team Site!  






Can view, add, update and delete items on the site.  The majority of users would fall into this category. 




 Read Only


Can view only.  This should be used if you want a user to be able to view the Team Site content but not make any updates. 



 When creating a new Team Site or Workspace administrators have the option to either assign specific permissions for that sub site or inherit the permissions from the parent Team Site. 


Q:  How do I Assign Permissions to my Team Site?

A:  Before you add members to your Team Site you should decide which group the new member should be added to (refer to the table above for further information about the groups), then follow the link below for full instructions and screenshots:

  How do I Assign Permissions to my Team Site? (SharePoint 2010)


Q: How do I change the permissions of an existing member?
A:  To change the permissions of an existing user you need to remove them from one group and add them to another e.g. if you want to give a current contributor administrator rights you need to remove them from the Members group and add them to the Owners group.  Refer to the following FAQs for instructions:

  How do I Assign Permissions to my Team Site? (SharePoint 2010)


Q:  Can I give externals access to view/contribute to my Team Site?

A:  Yes, to request an external account contact the IS Service Desk who will log your request:
Email:  ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk  
Telephone:  ext 3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line.


SharePoint User Guides


You may also find the following Productivity Guides from Microsoft useful:

  Collaborating with SharePoint Overview

  Customising Team Sites - Get Started (for Team Site Administrators)


  Outlook and SharePoint Integration Overview

  Outlook and SharePoint Integration Get Started