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IT Documents


Document imageThis page contains an alphabetical list of all the documents currently published on the Information Services - IT Staff Intranet pages.  


The documents are divided into the following categories:

User Guides and Installation Guides


Hints & Tips and FAQs can be found on our askNapier Knowledge Base.


Please note: documents for students can be found on the IT myNapier pages. 


Policies and Standards


  IT Standards
Information Security Policy - Electronic Information Security Policy
Information Security Policy - User Policy
Information Security Policy -Access Control Policy
Information Security Policy - Bring Your Own Device Policy
Information Security Policy - Mobile Computing policy
Information Security Policy - Monitoring and Logging Policy


User Guides and Installation Guides 


Can't find what you're looking for? You will also find guidance on our askNapier Knowledge Base.  



  Accessing the Microsoft E-Learning courses
  ActivStudio Professional Guide
  Adobe Acrobat 8 Training Guide
Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Software Download Guide
AV - Desk Control Panel Guide
AV - Desk Control Panel in Lecture Theatres at Craiglockhart


 CD/DVD - How to Burn a CD/DVD in Windows 7


 Doc Works Online for Windows 7 users


  Eduroam - How to Configure your Device for Eduroam
  Eduroam - How to Delete your Eduroam Profile
  Email - Android - Accessing University Email from an Android Device
  Email - Automated Email Protection System
  Email - Configure Mac Mail to Access University Email
  Email - Dealing with Junk Email
  Email - Giving Others Access to your Mailbox - For Senior Managers
  Email - iPhone - How to Configure your iPhone to Access Staff Email 
  Email - Mobile - General Settings for Accessing University Email 


Generic Mailboxes - How to Gain Access in Outlook 2013
Getting Started on the Windows Service guide for New Users


   H Drive - How to Check the Size of your H Drive (Windows 7)
   H Drive - How to Recover Lost Data on your H Drive (Windows 7)



  IMAP - General Settings for Accessing your University Email using IMAP/SMTP
  IMAP - Setting up MS Entourage for Macs to Access University Email
  IMAP - Setting up Outlook Express for IMAP Access to University Email
  IMAP - Setting up Windows Mail for IMAP Access to University Email
  iPad Installation Guide for Edinburgh Napier University staff
  iPad - Installing Operating System 5
  iPad - Setting up your iPad to Access Staff Email 
  iPad 2 Security Guidelines
  iPhone - Updating your iPhone to the Latest Software Version
IP Telephone Guide - Cisco CP6921
  IP Telephone Guide - Cisco 7911G
  IP Telephone Guide - Cisco 7937G (Conference Phone)
  IP Telephone Guide - Cisco 7942G
  IP Telephone Guide - Cisco 7962G
   IP Telephone Guide - Extension Mobility for the IPT Conference Phone (7937)
  IPT Telephone Guide - Extension Mobility for the IPT Conference Phone (8831)
  IP Telephone Guide - Extension Mobility for IP Telephony Users
  IP Telephone Guide - How do I set my phone to divert to my home/mobile number?
  IT Online Support Quick Guide
IT Support Tool Guide 



  Laptop - Finding the MAC Address of your Laptop



  Mac Mail - Setting up Mac Mail to Access University Email
  MFDs - Installing the Multi Function Devices (MFDs) at Sighthill
  Mobile App - How to add the Edinburgh Napier University Mobile App to your device.
Mobile Devices - Lost Device Procedure
Mobile Devices - New Device Checklist
  Mobile Phone - Hints and Tips 
   MS Office Product Activation - Staff Laptops
  MySQL - Setup Guide for Staff



  NVivo Installation Guide


  Online Learning - Quick Guide to Microsoft's Online Learning
  Outlook Anywhere Connection Guide for users of Outlook 2010
  Outlook Archive - Accessing your Outlook Archive from the VDS
  Outlook Web App User Guide - Exchange 2010  
 IT Welcome Sheet for Off Campus Students
   Overseas Induction Instructions for Students



  Panaboard - Using the Panaboard in Craiglockhart 2/54
  Password Manager - How to Change your Password
  Password Manager - How to Reset a Forgotten or Expired Password 
  Password Manager - How to Enrol for the Password Manager
  PDFs - Working with PDF files - FAQs
  Printing - Installing a networked printer on a Windows 7 machine
  Printing - Staff Printing within the Computer Suites
  Project Management - Change Log Template

  Project Management - Gantt Chart Template

  Project Management - Issue Log Template
  Project Management - Lessons Learned Template
  Project Management - Project Mandate Template
  Project Management - Project Plan Template
  Project Management - Risk Log Template

  Project Management - Status Report Template
  Project Management - Work Package Request Template


  Recent Documents - How to open recently used files
  Remote Assistance - How to Receive Remote Assistance from Information Services - IT
  Remote Desktop Connection - Listening to audio on your office PC whilst using RDC
Respondus Installation Guide



SAS 9.1.3 License Document (sas91_9BSMLZ.txt)
  SAS 9.1.3 License Renewal Instructions
  SAS 9.1.3 Local Installation Instructions
  Scanning Documents - Practical Hints & Tips
  Scanning - How to use scanners in B55, Merchiston
  Scanning - How to use scanners in the JKCC, Merchiston
  Scanning - How to use scanners in Merchiston Library

  S Drive - How to Access Departmental Data Area (S Drive) - Windows 7
  SharePoint - How to Create a New Team Site (SharePoint 2010)
  SharePoint - How do I Assign Permissions to my Team Site? (SharePoint 2010)
  Skype - Using Skype at Edinburgh Napier University
  Software Copyright Agreement.
  SPSS Installation and Authorisation



  USB Sticks - Using USB Sticks within the University



  VeraCrypt user guide 
  Virtual Private Network - SSL VPN User Guide
  Virtual Private Network - Using the AnyConnect CLI Commands
  Virus - How to Run a Virus Scan (Windows 7)
  Visualisers User Guide
  Voicemail - Forwarding Calls to Voicemail
  Voicemail Guide for IP Telephony Users 



 WebEx Direct: Quick Guide for Meeting Hosts 
 WebEx Direct: Quick Guide for Participants (Windows)
 WebEx Moodle: Quick Guide for Participants
 WebEx: Schedule a WebEx meeting from Moodle
 WebEx: Schedule a WebEx meeting from Microsoft Outlook and Office applications
WebEx - Viewing a WebEx Meeting - Android
WebEx - Viewing a WebEx Meeting - IOS
WebEx - Viewing a WebEx Meeting - Windows
  Windows Vista - Clearing a Cached Password from a Windows Vista Laptop
  Windows 7 - Data Storage, Folders, Files and Libraries
  Windows 7 - Desktop Icons
  Windows 7 - Getting Started with Windows 7
  Windows 7 - Help and Support Centre
  Windows 7 - Optimising Windows
  Windows 7 - Printing
  Windows 7 - Quick Guide to the Windows 7 Desktop in the AV Suites
  Windows 7 - Recycle Bin
  Windows 7 - Searching
  Windows 7 - Security and Protection
  Windows 7 - Using and Working with Programs
  Windows 7 - Work Smart: Windows 7 New Features
  Windows 7 - Your New Windows 7 Desktop - Quick Guide
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Android

  Wireless Configuration Guide - iPad
  Wireless Configuration Guide - iPhone
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Linux Ubuntu 11.04
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Mac 10.3 and 10.4 
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Mac 10.5 
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Mac 10.7
    Wireless Configuration Guide - Mac 10.8 / 9
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Symbian
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Windows Vista 
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Windows XP 
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Windows 7
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Windows 8
  Wireless Configuration Guide - Windows 10
  Wireless Configuration Video - Windows 10
  Wireless - Guest WiFi
  Wireless Printing Guide
  Word 2013 - Editing PDF Files




  Email Encryption Request Form
    Firewall Change Request (Server Owners)
  Software Loan Form
  Virtual Private Network (VPN) - for external users only
  Web Filter - Exemption of Category Request Form

Links to the electronic forms can be found on the Staff Forms page.