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​​New MS Teams – it’s time to upgrade!

The new version of Microsoft Teams has been available to all staff for an optional upgrade since last year.  Many colleagues have already upgraded and are actively using the new MS Teams client. 

Microsoft have announced that the new Teams client will be installed by default from 31 March onwards, and so we are encouraging all colleagues who have not already upgraded, to upgrade to the new version prior to 31 March to avoid disruption. 

What are the differences between classic Teams and new Teams?

Once you upgrade, the main differences you will notice is the improved look and feel along with faster performance.  A full list of updates can be found on the Microsoft page: What's new in the new Teams app

How do I upgrade?

From your MS Teams application, click on the “Try the new Teams” toggle button which you will see on the top left of the screen:

Screenshot of New MS Teams toggle button

Full instructions and guidelines can be found on the Microsoft website: Start using the new Teams

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

Starting in March 2024, any classic MS Teams users who haven’t updated to new Teams will begin seeing an informational banner to remind them classic Teams will soon be unavailable, and that they’ll be switched to new Teams. 

The automatic update will then be rolled out in stages from 31 March, and classic Teams will be withdrawn by Microsoft from July.  

Where do I go if I need further help?

Further information about MS Teams can be found on the Microsoft Teams intranet page. 

For further help, please contact the IS Service Desk​ in the first instance.