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Data Encryption

VeryCrypt is the current solution approved for data encryption. This document has information on how to access VeraCrypt and how to use the program to encrypt data: VeraCrypt for Windows​.

If you require any further information please contact the IS Service Desk​.

Data Encryption Frequently Asked Questions


What is data encryption?

Why do I need to encrypt data?

What's VeraCrypt?

How do I download VeraCrypt?

How do I use VeraCrypt?

Can I encrypt emails?


Q:  What is data encryption?

A:  The encryption of data renders it unreadable to anyone except for the intended reader.


Q:  Why do I need to encrypt data?

A:  Any data that is to moved from Edinburgh Napier University premises and is of a sensitive or confidential nature must be encrypted as stated in the Information Security Policy.

Data image 

Data held on portable devices could be at risk from loss or theft, e.g.  laptops, notebook computers, USB drives, removable disks and any other devices.  Edinburgh Napier University has made the data encryption tool - VeraCrypt and the relevant documentation available to staff. 


Q:  What's VeraCrypt?

A:  VeraCrypt is Open Source software, it can be used on a variety of Operating Systems.  As well as Operating System drive encryption it offers encryption of Folders and external devices such as USB Flash Drives.


 Q:  How do I download VeraCrypt?

A:  You access VeraCrypt from your Edinburgh Napier University Application window OR from your Start menu on your PC. Further information can be found on the VeraCrypt user guide

 Q:  How do I use VeraCrypt?

A:  The user guides will explain how to use the software:  VeraCrypt user guide

Before using VeraCrypt you should be aware of the following:

  • There is NO password recovery facility within VeraCrypt. If a password is forgotten or lost it will NOT be possible to unencrypt the data.
  • VeraCrypt requires a password to access encrypted volumes, hard disks and devices.
  • Never encrypt the master copy of any data, encrypt a copy transferred to a laptop or device such as a USB drive or removable disk.
  • If at all possible do not take sensitive data off-site.  

Q:  Can I encrypt emails?

A:  Within Edinburgh Napier University we also offer Email Encryption software for staff to use.


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