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Project Number: IS-15-0005

Project Title: Online1st

Programme of Work: Business Processes

Date Started: 25/02/2015

Date Closed:

Current Phase: Close

Customer: Staff

Project Manager: Sally Jorjani

Key Business Driver:

This Programme of Work will take a holistic approach to the improvement of services, business processes, systems, forms and administration by looking at where user journeys can be improved, quickened, made seamless through an integrated and innovate approach to best practice.

Project Objectives:

​• Act upon previously identified, known and unknown issues where streamlining and enhancements can improve the use of a variety of services from online forms to system back-end integration.  The aim is to provide seamless processes supported by joined up business systems
• Impact administrative tasks of staff by making them easy to find, easy to use, online where possible and simple to carry out. The development of a portal as an OneSource of Information will be considered 
• Work with System Managers to provide resource and support to help integrate, innovate and improve their systems for their customers 
• Create an environment where task and process/business improvements across all University-wide services online first approach is embedded and supported to become business as usual

Business Benefits:

This Programme of Work will exploit the capabilities of technology, where applicable, to improve performance as well as have a transformational impact on how staff carryout their work, innovate our systems development and integrate departmental operational tasks.

What changes will Students/Staff See:

​Staff have been involved in these projects and discussions thus are motivated to work in order to put in place the operational improvements, which will make their day-to-day work effective and increase their ability to spend more time on providing a more focused service to their customers.

Business Owner: James Blair