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​Mobile Device Registration


Information Services are currently working on a number of initiatives to improve cyber resilience at the University.


One of these initiatives is to gather information about University-owned mobile devices and laptops, to ensure that we can account for them and the information they contain.


How to record device ownership?


Information Services has launched a self-service website for recording device ownership, which can be found at:



Guidelines for registering your device can be found on askNapier.


Once you log in:

  • You will be presented with a list of all mobile devices that have recently connected to eduroam on campus using your details.
  • For each mobile device, the website will also show whether or not the device is currently enrolled with the University Mobile Device Management (MDM) service.
  • You will be asked to state whether the device is a personal device, or a University-owned device.

Once you have stated the ownership status of all your devices, the information will be recorded and you will be asked to enrol any University-owned mobile devices with the MDM service if not already enrolled.  Enrolment instructions can be found on the MDM intranet page.


Ensuring that the University has an accurate record of mobile device ownership is a requirement of Cyber Essentials certification, therefore I’d like to thank you in advance for ensuring that we meet this requirement.


What will happen if don’t enrol my devices with the MDM service?


After January 2019 any University-owned mobile devices that have not been enrolled with the MDM service will be blocked from connecting to the eduroam wireless network on campus.


These devices will be allowed to reconnect to eduroam once they have been successfully enrolled with the MDM service.


Where can I find further help and information?


You may find the following answers to FAQs useful:


Q:  What is a University-owned mobile device?
A:  This would include laptops, tablets and phones purchased using University funds, research grant money, or anything similar. The person using the device has no right to keep it if they leave the University.


Q:  What about mobile devices that are shared between multiple members of staff?
A:  If this the case contact the IS Service Desk for further information.


Q:  I have a I have a University-owned mobile device which doesn’t appear on the system, what do I do?
A:  If the device hasn’t been connected to eduroam in more than 30 days, it won’t appear. Try connecting the device to eduroam then accessing the website again.


Q:  Do I need to enrol my personal device in the MDM service to continue to use eduroam?
A:  No. There is not a requirement to enrol your personal devices in MDM however you should select “personal device” on the mobile device registration page which can be found here.  

If you have any additional queries or feedback about our cyber security initiatives, please get in touch with the IS Service Desk.

Further information about Information Security can be found on the Information Security Intranet Pages.