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​Mobile Devices - Best Practice Overseas


If you are using your mobile outside the UK, whether for work or on holidays, here are a few helpful tips that will keep your mobile secure and save you and the University money.


Enable international network roaming


Not all handsets are automatically set up to register with international network carriers.  You will need to check this with your mobile service provider before you go. For University owned devices you should check with your departmental contact, a list of contacts can be found on the Procurement intranet page


You may need to manually select a network carrier when using your mobile overseas to get the best signal / service. Check your handset's service website for details.


Turn off data roaming


If you use your device overseas you may find you return to an unexpectedly high bill resulting from high data roaming charges.  This is because your mobile device will constantly search for an internet connection in order to receive notifications, emails and update your apps.  Alternatively you may experience loss of access to services when overseas if you hit your data limit. 

The cost of using University owned mobile devises overseas can be found at on the University owned mobile device page.  The best way to get around the charges is to turn off data roaming before you go - check your handset manufacturer's website for instructions.

If you have an iPhone 4 or later you may have EU Internet Data switched on which means that your data connection will not work when overseas and out with the EU. Read more…

If you have a Windows phone you may also find the Data Sense app useful to keep track of how much data your phone is using.


Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible


Free WiFiNowadays, many hotels and businesses provide free Wi-Fi for customers.  If you want to connect to the internet then this is the cheapest way of doing so. 


You'll often see signs indicating free Wi-Fi but not always.  If you're unsure then just ask.  


Connect to eduroam before you go


Eduroam Logo Did you know you can access the eduroam wireless network at other participating institutions worldwide? 


In order to do this you must ensure that you set up your device to access eduroam here, at the University, before you go.


The eduroam companion app will help you find eduroam internet connectivity across the UK Europe & beyond. Search for "eduroam companion" from your app store.


View a full list of eduroam locations
Find out how to connect to eduroam


Phone security

Handset security


Remember when using any University online services or equipment you must adhere to the Information Security Policy.

You must also ensure your handset is protected with a secure password - check your handset manufacturer's website for instructions.


Additional information


For further information and advice please contact IS Service Desk:

Tel: +44 (0)131 455 3000
Email: ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk

You may also find the information on the University Owned Mobile Devices page useful.