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Mobile Device Help and Support


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For information on accessing University services such as Wi-Fi staff email from your own personal device or your University owned device, visit one of the following pages:






Please note: the above instructions are only relevant for staff connecting to their University email accounts, students should go to the Email section of myNapier for further information about student email.




Q: Who is my Mobile Device Departmental contact?

A:  The Procurement Team in Finance manage the list of Departmental Contacts which can be found on the Procurement intranet page.  


Q: How do I switch off Wi-Fi assist on IOS9?

A: All iPhone/iPad users should be aware that a new feature in iOS9 (“Wi-Fi Assist”) could potentially consume a large quantity of mobile data without you realising.


The setting is installed to “On” by default after an upgrade to iOS9 but can be switched off on the General/Settings/Mobile Data screen of your device (you’ll need to scroll right to the bottom of the screen to find the option):


IOS9 Wi-Fi Assist Image 

Information Services recommends switching the option “Off” to give you control over the consumption of your mobile data and avoid costly bills/running out of your data allowance.


For further information visit the BBC website and the Money Saving Expert website.


Q:  I have a new mobile device, how do I set it up?

A:  When you get a new mobile device you must follow the guidance in the New Device Checklist to ensure you're able to access the University’s online services from your device and to ensure the University’s information is protected.


Q:  What do I do if my University Owned mobile device is lost or stolen?

A:  If your device is lost or stolen you must follow the guidance in the Lost Device Procedure.


Q:  Can I use my own mobile device? 

A:  The O2 contract provides the University with significantly reduced call costs, so it is best to speak to your line manager regarding this.



Q:  How do I find out my Mobile Phone number?

A:  If you need to find out your Mobile Phone number:

  • Dial * # 100 #.
  • Press OK or the green handset key. 

Your phone number will be displayed on your phone.


Q:  What is an IMEI number?

A:  An IMEI is a chain of 15 digits, it uniquely identifies mobile phones. Every mobile phone has one and they're all unique to every manufactured mobile phone. For example if a factory creates 1000 iPhones of the same model in one day, then they've also produced 1000 different IMEIs.



Q:  How do I find out my IMEI number?

A:  You can find your IMEI from most phones by typing in *#06# (do this where you would normally type a phone number for an outgoing call).

If the above doesn't work, here are some other methods of finding out that are OS specific:

Finding your IMEI on an iPhone:
Settings → General → About → IMEI will be displayed here

Finding your IMEI on an Android:
Settings → About phone → Status → IMEI will be displayed here

Finding your IMEI on a Blackberry (6 or 7 OS):
Options → Device → Device and Status Information → IMEI will be displayed here.

It is also possible on most phones to find the IMEI written on a sticker somewhere on the phone, typically inside behind a battery, it will be clearly labelled IMEI.

If you have any trouble with the above please contact IS Service Desk.


Q:  Can I take my mobile number with me when I leave the University?

A:  As the number is contracted to the University this would not normally be possible. 


Q:  I'm travelling overseas, how do I turn off Data Roaming?

A:  Check the handset manufacturer's website for instructions for turning off data roaming.


Q:  How do I use my O2 Voicemail?

A:  To use your O2 Voicemail refer to the O2 Voicemail Guide.


Q: I'm an iPhone user why am I unable to use data overseas?

A: If you have an iPhone 4 or later you may have EU Internet Data switched on which means that your data connection will not work when overseas and out with the EU.

You can resolve this by switching EU data off, to do this:

  • Select “Settings” from the main screen.
  • Select “Mobile” option.
Mobile Image 
  • Switch off “EU Internet” setting.




What to do if your Mobile Phone is malfunctioning


In the first instance refer to the instruction booklet that came with your phone - most include a basic troubleshooting guide.  Alternatively refer to the handset manufacturer's website:


  Sony Ericsson


For further help specific to the University's O2 contract settings refer to the Mobile Migration FAQs.


If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, contact the IS Service Desk:


Make sure you include full details of the fault and the checks you have already made.


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