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​Smartphone Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Usage


Wireless imageSmartphones are a convenient way of keeping in touch with your email, using social media and browsing the internet when out and about.


If you have your own personal smartphone you will usually also have a mobile phone tariff that includes a set amount of data as part of your package. Exceeding your data limit or using a mobile phone contract that charges for data on a pay as you go basis can be a costly exercise.


Mobile Data


If you have a University owned device you should check with your departmental contact to see what tariff you have before you use mobile data on your device.


Some departments may have opted to restrict mobile data usage due to the type of usage of particular mobile devices. If in doubt, check before you use it.


The best way to get around unexpected high charges is to switch off your mobile data whenever possible and to use Wi-Fi for data. Most smartphones will also allow you to monitor and control your mobile data usage using their operating system or an app.


Eduroam and The Cloud Wi-Fi

eduroam logoOn campus we have eduroam and The Cloud Wi-Fi which won’t use any of your mobile data allowance.

Eduroam is available at other participating educational institutions worldwide, and within Edinburgh there are many city centre locations where you can connect.


Remember that you must set up your device to access eduroam here at Edinburgh Napier before you can access it elsewhere.

The eduroam companion app will help you find eduroam internet connectivity across the UK Europe & beyond. Search for "eduroam companion" from your app store.

View a full list of eduroam locations
Find out how to connect to eduroam


Additionally many hotels and businesses now provide free Wi-Fi for customers – if you are registered for “The Cloud” on campus you will also find this available at many retail and hospitality venues throughout the country.