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Information Services are delighted to announce that Jabber Softphones are now available for all staff members. 

What is a Softphone?

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A softphone is a program which enables you to use your computer or mobile device and internet connection to make and receive telephone calls rather than using a telephone handset and line.

The service is particularly valuable in the current situation where staff members are working remotely, away from their University office phones. 

Why should I use a Softphone?

The benefits of softphones are:

  • Mobility:  providing you have a computer with the software, Jabber, installed you can make and receive calls as though you were in your office.
  • Comfort:  by using a headset with a microphone, your hands are free to use your computer while you talk and listen.  
  • Cost:  you will save on the cost of mobile or home phone calls by using softphones to make work related calls while off-campus. 

Softphones can also be used for Hunt Groups on shared phone lines. 

What do I need to use a Softphone?

You will need:

  • An internet connection. 
  • To request access via a UniDesk form​
  • To install Jabber software on to your home computer or mobile device (see instructions below).  Please note: it must be your home computer, you will be unable to use the software if remote connecting to your office PC​. 
  • A headset with microphone is recommended but not essential as you can use the inbuilt microphone and speakers on your device if required. 

How do Install Jabber Softphone Software?

Due to licensing restrictions, you should install Cisco Jabber on only one device.  This can be either your mobile device or home computer (please note: it must be your home computer, you will be unable to use the software if remote connecting to your office PC). 

Follow the guidance below for your device:

Please note:  during the installation process on Macs and iPhones  you will be prompted to copy and paste the following link in to your browser: 


Can I access a Hunt Group via a Softphone?

One of the benefits of the Softphone service is that it enables the use of Hunt Groups, allowing teams using a shared phone line to distribute incoming phone calls to a group of phone lines.  

Any teams using a shared phone line can utilise the Hunt Group feature so that calls can be distributed as they would when using a Hunt Group on campus. 

All team members will need to request Softphone access and install the Jabber Softphone software – full installation instructions, including guidance on logging in to a Hunt Group, can be found in the Installation Guides above​.    

Staff members associated to Hunt Groups on the on-campus telephone system will automatically be added to the Softphone Hunt Group.  If additional staff members need to be added to a Hunt Group they will need to request this via the IS Service Desk​

Where can I find further information?

For further information please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.