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The Voicemail Service

We are currently running a Unified Communications project. One of the first steps will be to move to MS Teams telephony. This will be happening over the next few months, find out more about the project​. In the meantime, everything in this section is still relevant if you are using the IP telephone service.

Voicemail is available on all staff IPT telephone handsets but is not automatically included on your phone line.   


If you do not have a Voicemail account and would like one please complete the Voicemail Reques​t form​ via UniDesk Self Service.


Voicemail Help and Support

Guidance on using Voicemail can be found in the Voicemail Guide for IP Telephony Users 


Voicemail FAQs

Q:  I have a new Voicemail account, how do I access the mailbox for the first time?

A:  To access Voicemail for the first time:

  • Press the message soft key on your phone.
  • A message will ask you to enter your PIN, enter the default PIN set by the system – 12345.
  • Press # you will hear a message saying that your PIN has expired.
  • Enter a new PIN.


Q:  How do I access my Voicemail externally?

A:  To access voicemail externally or to access another mailbox:

  • Dial 0131 455 3333
  • When you hear the woman's voice, hit the * button
  • You will then be prompted for the ID - put the mailbox extension number you are trying to access.
  • You will then be prompted for a password - enter the 5 digit password for the mailbox.
  • You can now follow the menu as usual.

You can also retrieve your messages by logging in to the Voicemail inbox, please note: you will only be able to log in if you have a voicemail account.  Log in to the Voicemail inbox by visiting: https://crlunitypub.​napier.ac.uk/inbox ​


Q:  How do I forward my calls to Voicemail after 5 rings or when busy?

A:  Go to the the Online Cisco Self Service Website:

  • Log in using your User ID and Password.
  • From the User Options drop down menu select Device.
  • Click Line Settings from the top menu bar.
  • Check/uncheck the Incoming Call Forwarding options as required.
  • Click Save.

Instructions with screenshots can be found in the following document:

  IPT - Forwarding Calls to Voicemail


Further instructions for forwarding your calls to Voicemail can be found in the IP Telephony Online Training 


Q: What if my PIN is locked?
A:  Your PIN will automatically release itself after 45 minutes.  If you need access to Voicemail before the 45 minutes has passed please contact the IS Service Desk on ext 3000 to get this released.


Q: I have 2 Voicemail systems running on the same phone line how do I access each one?

A: To access an individual Voicemail account:

  • Dial 3333 to access Voicemail.
  • When you hear the woman's voice, hit the * key.
  • You will then be prompted for the ID - enter the mailbox extension number for the Voicemail system you are trying to access.
  • You will then be prompted for a password - enter the 5 digit password for the mailbox.

You will now have access to the relevant Voicemail mailbox.


Q:  How do I skip a message?

A:  When the message is playing, hit the # key then choose 2 to save or 3 to delete.  The next message will play.


Q:  How do I retrieve previously deleted Voicemail messages?

A:  To retrieve messages:

  • Enter voicemail
  • Enter your pin
  • Select 3, review old messages
  • Select 2, deleted messages
  • Select 1, review deleted message



If you have any questions or need further information please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance:
Email: ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: ext 3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line.


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