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Intranet banners and staff log-in screens

1. Intranet banners

The banner at the top of the intranet homepage can be used to highlight information of interest to a large number of staff across the University.
To request a banner, please email EdNapierNews@napier.ac.uk

Your banner should:

  • Be supplied as a jpeg
  • Be 960px x 100px (px = pixels) with 30px room for clickable arrows on both sides.
  • Click through to a workable link
  • Meet the University’s brand guidelines. Please note, the University logo is not required
  • Be simple in design with as little text as possible. Avoid using banners to highlight event times, dates, locations or links
  • Have a campaign start date and end date
  • Examples of past intranet banners that have worked well are here and here

2. Staff log-in screens

You can also request to take over the staff log-in screen. The screen is used to communicate information to an internal audience over a five day period, Monday-Friday. 

Things to note:

  • We need two screens provided. One suitable for widescreen and one suitable for standard sized screens.
  • Dimensions should be 1920px x 1080px for the widescreen version and 1280px x 1024px for the standard screen version.
  • Both screens should be supplied as a jpeg
  • When designing the screens, please ensure that the central areas are kept free of text and light colours to accommodate for the white “ctrl+alt+del” message
  • The bottom two corners should also be kept free to make room for the stand-by buttons 
  • Content should be relevant to all staff
  • All screens must abide by the University's brand guidlines and incorporate the University logo
  • Artwork is to be supplied a week in advance. If it’s your first time designing a screen you should aim to submit the artwork at least two weeks in advance to allow for changes.
  • The design should be simple and attractive with a clear call to action. Often it’s best to do this with a link. Try not to pack all of the information you want to communicate on to the log-in screen. It should act as a ‘hook’ to encourage people find your intranet/website page, which will in itself detail all of the key information.
  • Examples of successful past log-in screens are here and here
  • Book your five day log-in screen slot by contacting EdNapierNews@napier.ac.uk