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Applying Edinburgh Napier University livery to vanBrand Guidelines


Download Edinburgh Napier University's brand guidelines.


These new guidelines aim to:


  • Complement the new University Strategy 2020, informing the positioning of the University and its value proposition.
  • Update the University’s previous brand guidelines which were created in 2009 at the time of the name change. These did not give the University the flexibility, consistency or approach we need.
  • Establish messaging which is well received by our stakeholders and has longevity. In past years the University has used its top ranking graduate employability rating and league table ranking as key positioning statements, but given the changing nature of these the University should not rely on these alone. 


The Visual Identity and Messaging final outcomes were informed by a comprehensive market research programme, including face to face interviews with: prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students, parents of prospective undergraduate students, teachers, businesses, Edinburgh Napier University staff, existing Edinburgh Napier University students and the Napier Students’ Association.


We also have guidelines on our sub-brand policy for those producing materials for schools, institutes, centres or projects.


Institutes of Research and Innovation

The main exceptions to the above guidelines are our Institutes of Research and Innovation. These institutes focus on generating income for the University through consultancy, research, knowledge transfer and CPD across a wide range of expertise. Their client base is business and government (rather than student-based) so they require their own sub-brand identity for effective communication with those markets. This sub-brand has been carefully designed to integrate with and complement the University branding. The  Institute Sub-brand Guidelines should be used within the context of the overall University Brand Guidelines. Institute logos and other Institute branding tools are available on the Download Resources page.


No department or unit is allowed to use or develop its own logo or a different logo for external use (on websites or publications to be used outwith the University) without prior approval from ERC. However we recognise that in a small number of cases, some schools, faculties, services or units may need their own separate logo, for business reasons.  In this case, they should contact Carolyn Bowick on ext 5008 or c.bowick@napier.ac.uk.


If you have questions or need advice on any aspect of our brand guidelines, please contact Carol Soutar on c.soutar@napier.ac.uk


Edinburgh Napier University Crest


The Edinburgh Napier University crest was created by the Court of the Lord Lyon in 1992, when Napier went from Polytechnic to University. The segments represent Edinburgh on the left, Merchiston on the right, and John Napier underneath. See our Commemorative History booklet for a full explanation of the sybolism.


The crest is only used in special circumstances, for example on merchandise, graduation materials, diplomas, watermarks on letterhead, and invitations for certain prestigious events.


To get access to artwork and permission for its use, please contact Carol Soutar on c.soutar@napier.ac.uk


Edinburgh Napier University Tartan


The Edinburgh Napier University Tartan matches the University's brand identity and colour palette, while reflecting the elements of the Edinburgh Napier crest:

  • Four red squares echo four red roses in the crest
  • A thin yellow line is the same as the yellow in the roses
  • Three blue lines represent the three crescent moons
  • The thick black band represents the shadow at the base of the castle


To discuss use of the Edinburgh Napier University Tartan, please contact Carol Soutar on c.soutar@napier.ac.uk


Brand Tools


All other brand tools including Edinburgh Napier logos and Powerpoint, Word & stationary templates are available for download on the Download Resources page.