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​Brand and writing style guidelines


The University BraFront cover of Brand Guidelines PDF bookletnd Guidelines contain a writing style guide for use when creating external communications.

The brand guidelines aim to complement the University Strategy 2020, informing the positioning of the University and its value proposition. We also have guidelines on our sub-brand policy for those producing materials for schools, institutes, centres or projects.

The main exceptions are our Institutes of Research and Innovation. Their client base is business and government (rather than student-based) so they require their own sub-brand identity for effective communication with those markets.


No department or unit is allowed to use or develop its own logo or a different logo for external use without prior approval from marketing and communications. However we recognise that in a small number of cases, some schools, services or units may need their own separate logo for business reasons. In this case, they should contact marketing@napier.ac.uk.