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Course listings


As a university, courses are what we’re all about. We like to tell our visitors about them in an interesting and engaging way.


All available courses are listed on our website. To get on the site there are a few steps that need to be completed first, all listed below for your convenience.


Adding a course


The first step is approval of the course at school level. Once this is achieved, the Systems team set up a listing for it in SITS. This listing controls all the administrative details of the course including UCAS code and available start dates.


The Systems Team also add four core details about the course (title, award, mode of study (e.g. full-time) and duration). Once added, a listing will usually appear on the website content management system (Sitecore) within 24 hours of the course importer running (scheduled to run each evening).


SITS data and course details appearance



Adding website information


When the course listing appears on Sitecore, the following information is added by users from different departments:


Making courses visible to users


Once all the information is added it is checked by a member of the Marketing & Communications team for accuracy and typos. Once approved the course is published and will appear on course listings immediately. Marketing & Communications will also add the new courses to the lists on relevant Browse interests pages.


Requesting updates


If you find issues with content, such as typos, out of date information or discontinued courses still appearing on the website, you can contact the following people.


On page copy edits


If the information in the course details box (e.g. Napier code and duration) are wrong, please contact the Systems Team on studentsystems@napier.ac.uk.


For general text updates, please contact the relevant school content editor:


For updates to entry requirements, please contact Undergraduate Admissions or Postgraduate Admissions depending on the award level of the course.


To update fees, please email unidesk@napier.ac.uk.

Module database edits


Module information is not stored on the main website CMS like the rest of the course content.


Module database


It is edited by the module leader so all requests for updates should be directed to them. Contact the relevant school office in the first instance to flag errors:

Application buttons


If there is an issue with the application button (eg start date options) please contact the Systems Team.


Requesting the removal of a course


If your course is being discontinued and this has been agreed at School-level, please contact the Systems Team who will update the SITS record for the course. This will automatically remove the course from the website within a couple of days. If it doesn’t, please contact the Web Team.


Frequently asked questions


My course has been approved, what happens now?


The Systems Team will set up a listing for the course in SITS and will send an email to all affected users. Basic details of the course will be added in SITS so that a blank listing appears on the website CMS. Information about the course (what's involved, careers, modules, entry requirements and fees) will be added. Once all in place and checked, the course will be published on the website.


My course doesn't have a listing on the website, why not?


This can be for a number of reasons:


  1. The course might not have been set up in SITS: contact the Systems Team
  2. The course might not be set to recruit for the current year: contact the Systems Team
  3. The course information might not have been entered on the website: contact the School content editor in the first instance for them to check (details above)


If the content is in place and just needs published, contact webteam@napier.ac.uk.


The content of my course is wrong, who do I speak to?


The content about courses is looked after by different teams around the University. Contact details are:



My course is being discontinued, who do I need to tell?


Please contact the Systems Team in the first instance who will then notify all affected users. This should normally happen automatically at school level.