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The Digital team led on the last staff intranet upgrade project, resulting in the site you see before you. We hope that this has met the objectives of improving the speed, search and navigation of the site. We would appreciate feedback on the site content or system - please email intranet@napier.ac.uk if you would like to send us any.


The staff intranet target audience is internal staff & related groups (e.g. external examiners). It is also unrestricted and accessible to the outside world. This is in keeping with Freedom of Information principles, and in line with the University's Information Strategy. 

Content Managers have been established for each service unit and some schools / faculties with update and approval rights. IDEA will maintain control of certain core parts of the site. The intranet structure is aligned with the University's organisation structure, and any changes to this must come directly from Human Resources.


  Find a content editor

On the homepage you will find recent News, Events and Announcements affecting staff at the University. You should check it at least every morning when you log in, to see if anything new has been added which is of relevance to you. If you have any information for this area, send the details to news@napier.ac.uk or events@napier.ac.uk.


Content editors should use the  Writing Style Guide and  CMS manual.


If you have any other questions about the intranet please email digital@napier.ac.uk


Team Sites


Departments each have a Sharepoint 'Team Site' that allows documents and information to be shared across the department in a secure environment. There are also various Sharepoint sites in use to help manage projects, committees and cross-departmental collaboration.

Staff can only view team sites that they have been granted access permissions to: an attempt to access a site which you don't have permission to view will result in a page where you can request access to that site. When you submit the request it will be sent to that site's owner.

This system is owned and supported by IT Services. Contact citsupport@napier.ac.uk or ext 3000. They have also provided User Guides and information about Sharepoint training on their intranet pages.


Staff Directory


This can only be accessed by PCs on campus.

The staff directory is owned and supported by IT Services (IT Support Desk). Contact citsupport@napier.ac.uk or ext 3000. Requests to update details should be sent to IT Support. Approval for any changes to the Staff Directory must come directly from Human Resources.